The 7 Best Brother Serger in 2022 (Reviews & Buyers Guide)

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Are you looking to find the best sergers from a top brand but don’t know which brand to trust? You are going to find the best sewing machine that will help you give a professional finish to your project.

There are a couple of serger brands such as Brother, Singer, Baby Lock, Juki, Janome, Bernina, etc., however, some of them like Brother stands out from all of them.

We have learned from working on roll hems, seams, double stitch to napkins, denim, homemade clothes, personal projects, professional fashion shows, and whatnot.

Brother sergers are quite popular because of two reasons. One they are very user-friendly while being less noisy and second they cost less compared to other brands.

Sergers are used by both beginners and professional fashion designers. It is going to help you make perfect rolled hems, create stretchy seams that are more durable, overcast raw edges, secure and finish seams in a single pass, and create flatlock seams.

So let’s not take your too much time and start our brother serger reviews to help you find the right one.

1) Brother Designio Series DZ1234 Serger – Overall Best Brother Serger Machine

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The all-new pro series DZ1234 is one of its kind, loaded with advanced features, it is one of the best serger available in the market.

If you are more into fashion designing or like to alter your clothes to make it pop, then its fast sewing speed of 1300 stitches per minute is going to help you finish your project quickly.

Brother sergers are easy to the thread because of its color-coded threading which enables you to avoid any unwanted threading mistakes. Even if you have just started using a sewing machine, with the help of a color-coded guide you will easily conquer the basics.

Talking about being a beginner sewist, you can buy this brother serger if you are going to give all in or want to make a career out of it. Otherwise, you should opt for 1034dx(update to 1034d serger).

However, there is nothing beyond passion, so if you are passionate don’t want to miss performance then DZ1234 is perfect for you.

This brother serger has a differential fabric feed of 0.7 – 2.0 ratio which allows you to work on different types of fabrics such as cotton, denim, leather. silk, linen, polyester, etc.

The DZ1234 comes with a free bundle serger foot kit that expands its application and makes it truly a pro. The free kit includes blind hem stitch foot, gathering foot, and piping foot, plus 2 sets of starter threads.

What you get when you buy DZ1234 brother serger: In the Box

  • DZ1234 Serger
  • Soft protective case
  • Trim trap
  • Accessory feet: Standard foot (on machine), Gathering foot, Blind hem stitch foot, Piping foot
  • Large white thread (4)
  • Mini color thread
  • Needle set (2)
  • Thread net (4)
  • Thread spool cap
  • Hexagonal wrench
  • Tweezers
  • Cleaning brush
  • Foot controller
  • Power cord
  • Operation CD
  • Techniques CD
  • Techniques book
  • English/Spanish operation manual
  • 25 year limited warranty


  • Sewing speed: 1,300 stitches per minute
  • Free: 4 Speciality Serger Foots
  • 23 Built-in Sewing Stitches (Serger Stitch Functions)
  • Free Arm/Flat Bed Convertible Sewing Surface
  • Upper dial type thread tension
  • Stitch Width: 5mm-7mm
  • Stitch Lenght: 2mm-4mm
  • Color-Coded Threading
  • 3 or 4 Thread Capability
  • 3/4 Thread Serger with Differential Feed ratio of 0.7 to 2.0
  • Can use a standard home sewing needles


  • Can be tough for beginners (like if they have never used a serger)

After using many different sergers I find DZ1234 to be the best brother serger you can find. It will help you achieve perfect rolled hems, seams, and gives you the perfect professional finish. I would recommend it for the advanced user or the novice

2) Brother Serger 1034DX – New Sewing Machine

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Brother has introduced an update 1034DX to its most popular serger 1034D. It is more efficient, reliable, and enhanced the brand image even more in the sewing world.

The 1034DX is very versatile and has a color-coded guide to help you in threading. Many sewists thought that this new update might have a self-threading feature. However, that is not the case, and I personally like it this way.

The sewing machine is quite easy to thread with its color-coded guide and even a beginner can do it efficiently after a couple of times practice.

Brother serger 1034DX is the most in-demand serger which is trusted by professionals. You can work on any type of fabric to complete your project on time.

You will be able to see the versatility of this brother serger after making ruffles, joined laces, serge narrow sleeves, decorate edges of your skirts or denim, roll hem pants, and overcast open threads in a fabric.

To create the most beautiful clothes professionals use 3/4 different color threads for super looking projects.

Brother 1034DX can sew up to 1,300 stitches per minute. And we know that fast stitching is a very important requirement for most professional tailors, working at home moms, and fashion designers to complete multiple projects in less time.

Its 22 built-in stitch functions are something which I like the most. You get these stitch options 4-thread overlock, 3-thread overlock, narrow hem, rolled Hem, ribbon lock stitches, heirlooms, home decor, and specialty stitch function for formal and bridal wear.

With 1034DX attachment foot parts you can use it in a wide range of sewing application:

  • Edge stitching and joining
  • Blind hem,
  • Embellishing and utility stitching
  • Attaching lace or fabric
  • Create rolled hems and seams
  • Sewn and trimmed edges
  • Use gathering foot to gather or connect fabrics
  • Serged edge and gather 1 or 2 layers


  • Color-coded guide printed in the machine
  • Pick any one between 3 thread setting or 4 thread setting
  • Very Fast: Sew up to 1,300 stitches per minute
  • Differential feed ratio of 0.7 to 2.0
  • Easy stitch width control dial: 5.00mm(3/16 inch) and 7.00mm(9/32 inch)
  • 2 snap-on feet speed controller for stitch speed control
  • Free: Blind Hem Foot, Standard Foot, Gathering Foot
  • Removable trim trap
  • Instructional DVD Included


  • Most probably the best update and could not find any downsides

Brother 1034DX is the best affordable new-generation brother serger sewing machine. It is something that fits everyone. No matter if you are just starting to learn sewing or a professional tailor, 1034DX is the ulmate serger that works best for both entry-level to professional sewists.

3) Brother 1034D 3/4 Thread Serger with Differential Feed

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If you are someone who likes the Old is Gold concept then buy brother 1034D which is the original sewing machine that brought fame to the brand’s serging units.

The 1034D sewing machine became famous because of its in-house specialty foot and 22 built-in stitch options. The popular stitch options include 3 thread overlock, 4 thread overlock, narrow, rolled hem, and ribbon lock stitches.

In addition to the conventional sewing options, 1034D also offers specialty stitch functions for formal and bridal wear, heirloom, reinforced tape applications, home decor, and crafts.

Though the overall sewing machine performance has been enhanced with the latest design in 1034DX. We have also compared both the units and you can check all the features in our article Brother 1034D vs 1034DX.


  • 3/4 Threads Capabilities
  • Overlock seam width: 5.0 – 7.0mm from left needle
  • Stitch length: 2.0 – 4.0 mm (for overlock stitch)
  • Versatile stitch options
  • Color-coded threading
  • Fast sewing at 1,300 stitches per minute
  • Retractable Knife and regular bulb
  • Differential feed ratio of 0.7 to 2.0
  • Adjustable stitch width dial
  • Free Arm sewing
  • Removable stitch finger
  • Bilingual operation manual and instructional CD
  • 25-years of company warranty


  • No Trim trap

Brother International Corporation has famed after making their best brother serger ever and made it even better with the 1034DX update. It is reliable, high performance 3/4 serger that can be used in a wide range of sewing applications and projects.

4) Brother 2340 CV (Cover Stitch) – Best Brother Serger for Pillow Covers

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The 2340CV is an excellent cover stitch specialty serger that can help you create a wide range of cover stitches on multiple fabrics.

It is 2 needle advanced serger with 2-, 3-, 4-thread cover stitch. You can cover stitch up to 3mm and 6mm, stitch length is 2mm to 4mm.

Even professionals need help and with 2340CV your threading experience will be even more smooth with its built-in color-coded threading guide. It enables precise sewing for a professional finish.

If you were wishing for a self-threading brother serger then this is it. It has a fast and easy lopper which saves time. Though it only helps thread the lower looper so it is not entirely automatic.

The 2340 Cover Stitch can sew up to 1,100 stitches per minute. It falls under the medium category which is still super fast. The major benefit of this speed is its quiet operational noise.

The length of thread loops is a very important factor if you are working on a pillow cover or any type of home decor project. The Brother 2340CV comes with an adjustable dial that lets you control the feed dog speed.


  • Color-Coded Guides
  • Cover Stitch Capability 3mm and 6mm
  • Chain Stitch Capability
  • Stitch Length: 2mm to 4mm
  • Speed: 1,100 Stitch per minute
  • Threads: 2-3-4
  • Adjust Dials For Stitch Length
  • Wide and Narrow Cover Stitches
  • Tri-cover Stitch Capability
  • Easy Looper Threading System
  • Differential fabric feed for a better finish
  • Free Accessories:
  • Blind stitch foot
  • Gather foot


  • Not the fastest stitching serger in the market

The 2340CV is one of the best brother sergers for cover stitches that allows you to create a wide range of cover stitches on almost every type of fabric. You get the option to pick between a single needle or double needle stitch.

5) Brother Serger ST4031HD

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If you are looking for a heavy-duty serger then Brother ST4031HD is best rated for high workload among top sewists. All of its frame and interior structure is metal built giving it the extra strength to withheld long hours of sewing.

It is a high-performance sewing machine with 3 or 4 thread options that can help you work on multiple layers of denim with ease.

Unlike other brands, brother offers strong metal thread stand for enhanced durability and longevity. It helps deliver the yarn perfectly to the spools without clogging the machine.

The “Detachable Extention Table” is my favorite thing about this machine. It helps keep the heavy fabric on the level and lets you give a proper smooth finish to your hem rolls or seams.

Another additional feature of this sewing machine is its detachable trim trap collector that collects the fabric trim as the serger knife trims and serges your project.


  • Fast Serging: Up to 1,300 stitches per minute
  • 3 or 4 thread capabilities
  • Tackle heavy fabrics
  • Industrial-grade G3 blade (cutting knives)
  • Convenient stitch width control dial
  • Differential feed ratio of 0.7 to 2.0
  • 3 Foot for enhanced sewing experience
  • Hexagonal Driver
  • Detachable wide extension table
  • Removable trim trap
  • Foot controller pedal
  • Instructional DVD, and an instruction manual


  • Expensive replacement knives
  • Suitable for people who sew a lot

Now serge heavy fabrics with confidence with this best heavy-duty brother serger ST4031HD. Its top-grade needles and cutting knives makes it easy for anyone to clean edge through multiple fabrics and give a smooth cut.

6) Brother 1634D Serger – Lay-In Threading

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The 1634D is one of the most versatile brother serger sewing machine that has 3 or 4 thread capability with 1-needle 3-thread, or 2-needle 4-thread overlock options.

If you are involved in fabrics business which requires lots of alteration job then this serger is a must-have sewing machine.

You can easily create ruffles, rolled hems, blind hems, insert zippers into your denim or bag, alter jute bag, and more. Thanks to its versatile features, you can even use to make women and woolen fabric clothes.

Like every good brother serger 1634D also comes with color-coded lay-in guides that will help you avoid clogging and wrong stitching.

The 1634D features a removable free arm for cuffs, sleeves and cylindrical projects where you have to turn the fabric several times. It also edges the corner with its retractable knife.

Trimmed fabric is collected in a convenient removable trim trap which you can detach to empty. It becomes even more flexible with easy to turn the dial to change the speed of fabric to the feed dog.


  • 3 or 4 Thread Capability
  • Speed: 1,300 stitches per minute
  • Thread Tension Control
  • Retractable Cutting Knife
  • Silent operation: does not make much noise
  • Adjustable Differential Feed for a seamless stitch pattern
  • Uses a standard sewing needle for versatility
  • Can do Merrow Stitch (Professional Sewing)
  • Free Accessories
  • One line stitch
  • Double Thread – Double Needle Stitches
  • Merrow Stitch (Professional Sewing)
  • 25-years of the limited warranty


  • Comparatively heavy
  • Though it has color-codes, it can be tricky for newbies to thread this serger

The 1634D is an excellent Lay-In brother serger which works perfectly on all types of fabrics. However, if you work more often with knits and woven fabrics, then 1634D will make your life easier.

7) Brother Heavy Duty Serger Sewing Machine 1134DW

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The 1134DW (Deciwat) is the only sewing machiner which comes with electronic speed control. This feature enables sewists to focus more on the sewing pattern and less on the gathering and clogging of fabric under feed dog.

The machine has a free arm/flat bed convertible sewing surface that eliminates the wavy or stretch look of thread pattern on fabrics.

In addition, it has these stitch options include 3 thread overlock, 4 thread overlock, narrow hem, rolled hem, and ribbon lock stitches.

Thanks to its quick-release stitch finger feature, you can instantly switch for roll hemming and then back to regular sewing.

With the Snap-on presser feet, its needles can go through any heavy fabric, let it be multi-layer denim, skirts, thick poly dress, or blazer, it can handle it all.

Brother 1134DW is a 3/4 thread serger with F.A.S.T. lower looper threading system for easy thread changes. Such an option increase your working speed and also prevent you from messing up your dress/project.


  • Heavy Duty Sewing Machine
  • Outmost Quality Electronic Speed Control
  • 3 or 4 thread unit
  • F.A.S.T. lower looper threading system
  • 23 built-in stitch functions
  • Tension control dial
  • Free arm/flat bed convertible sewing surface
  • Free Piping Foot
  • Snap-on presser feet
  • Built-in carrying handle for portability
  • Free Accessory Bag
  • Tweezers
  • Thread Net and Thread Spool Cap
  • Cleaning Brush and Hexagonal wrench
  • Needle Set and Piping Foot
  • Includes instructional video
  • 25-year limited company warranty


  • Relatively costly
  • Traditional design

After ST4031HD, this excellent brother serger is best in sewing through multiple layers of fabrics. With the outmost quality electronic speed control, you can now only focus on your sewing and nothing else. I would recommend it for professionals who work more on trimming, rolled hems, and seams.

Serger Foot for Brother Sewing Machine

Not all sergers come with free accessories and sewing foot. However, you can always update your collection with a variety of foot to enhance your creativity and applications.

Here are some of the foot that can be used with most of the brother sergers.

Brother Side Cutter Foot, SA177: Check It Out

  • Professionally Finish Seams
  • Built-in blade for trimming
  • Suitable for low shank sewing machine

Brother SA135 Overlock Vertical Foot: Check It Out

  • Seal the edges quickly
  • Change width for Zig Zag and Overlock stitches
  • Sew a Seam and Overcast at the same time

Brother SA109 1/4 Inch Binding Foot: Check It Out

  • Smooth with zig-zag stitches or decorative stitches
  • Attach bias binding tape

SA210 Serger Piping Foot: Check It Out

  • Pin free work
  • Holds and guides narrow piping
  • Filled bias cording, spaghetti straps, and custom straps

Brother SA161 Adjustable Zipper/Piping Foot: Check It Out

  • Easy to adjust guide to accommodate varying piping dimensions
  • Adjustable zipper foot for left or right seams
  • Single stitch opening for accurate and perfect straight stitch creation

How To Thread a Brother Serger

As 1034d or 1034dx being the most popular brother serger, here is a video tutorial to help you understand the process of threading a serger. It is an excellent brother tutorial which will be beneficial for beginners and novices too.

There are some other units such as 3234dt, 925d, 5234prw, and 834dp sergers whose threading process is somewhat similar to 1034d. So you will get a hold on threading them very quickly.

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Wrapping Up

If you are planning to buy a professional or long-lasting serger then brother sewing machines are really worth the money. You will get the best out of this industry at a reasonable price.

From beginners to sewing experts, all of them use above mentioned units and it helps them finish the work quickly.

Brother has made itself one of the leading art and craft companies when it comes to making sewing machines. Their units are best at an affordable price range and popular because of the user-friendliness of their sergers.


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