10 Best Coverstitch Machine To Buy in 2022 (Full Reviews & Buying Guide)

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Coverstitch machine is one of the best kind of sewing machines that are used to create two or three rows hem on T-shirts, construct a two-fold needle edge on denim or T-shirts, hem flexible dresses, and knit clothes in multiple ways.

How you finish the edges of your sewing project is one of the major difference that gives away whether it is sewed by a professional designer or a beginner.

Even if you are a beginner, with the help of these easy-to-use coverstitch machines, you will be able to hem stretchy clothes such as spandex, rayon, lycra, jersey, or woolen clothes. And Professionals are going to find some of the best heavy-duty coverstitch machines that can smoothly handle complex projects.

Best Coverstitch Machine Reviews


What is Coverstitch

A coverstitch is a well-created hem that looks like a serger stitch on the back and looks like two or three rows of stitching on the top of the fabric’s edge. It gives stretchability and protects raw edges from fraying by locking them under your coverstitch.

You can sew a coverstitch with two needles for a double-stitched look and if you need more heavy construction then use three needles for a triple-needle finish.

If you are a beginner then it’s better to opt for a serger-coverstitch combination machine. Because such machines make it easy for you to sew perfect hems.

Why do you Need a Coverstitch Machine?

You can not imagine wearing fleece, sweatshirt, lycra, woolen, spandex, or super-stretchy knit fabrics without a coverstitch.

If you are going to work on the below projects then you must have one such machine.


One of the basic types of stitches but something you must have otherwise your cloth will start to fray. Topstitching are really helpful when you are making the waist of any garment or trying to put denim together you have to construct such a pattern.

Attaching Laces and Trim

Many people struggle to sew elastic or while binding then tend to miss some hard to reach area. Coverstitch machines are also popular to handle such issues. Chain-stitching being the most suitable pick, you can make some really stretchy addition in your project.

Flat Hemming

Coverstitch machine is best used to create a reliable and strong seam on fabrics to give it a final touch.

Start with the pressure foot raised above the working area and roll the hem inside and place it under the pressure foot. Choose the stitch option and adjust thread tension accordingly.

Creat flat hems to make sure the finishing looks elegant yet simple in design and pattern.

Rolled Hem

It is a very small hem made up to only two folds. Sewing it with a conventional machine without rolled hem foot can be very tricky, that why this type of sewing machine can help you sew each tiny fold of rolled hems perfectly with the help of dedicated foot that curves and folds the fabric as you sew.

Hemming Rounds

Working around any curved area of fabric is very tricky as you have to make sure to control the fabric under feed dog and hem round be created accordingly without gathering or clustering fabric.

Twin-needle sewing technique is a classic approach however when you use a coverstitch machine, hemming rounds such as sleeves, waist, neckline, collar, skirt, or denim become easy.

It is advised to use a hem guide while working on your curved fabric or hard-reach-area to construct even hems.

The Best Coverstitich Sewing Machine Reviews For 2021

ProductsStitch-Per-MinuteThread CapabilityPrice
Brother 2340CV1,1002-3-4 Check Price
Janome CoverPro 1000CPX1,0002-3-4 Check Price
Juki MCS-15001,3503-4 Check Price
Bernette b42 Funlock1,3002-3-4 Check Price
SINGER 14T968DC1,3002-3-4-5 Check Price
Janome CoverPro 900CPX1,0002-3 Check Price
Juki MO-7351,5002-3-4-5 Check Price
Singer 14T970C1,1002-3-4 Check Price
Janome Coverpro 2000CPX1,1002-3-4 Check Price
Juki MF-79231,5002-3-4-5 Check Price

Here are our sewing machine reviews for a coverstitch machine. These are our top 10 picks after considering 28 products.

1) Brother 2340CV Advanced Cover Serger Machine – Best Overall

Brother 2340CV serger - Best Beginner Coverstitch Machine.jpg

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The Brother 2340 CV is one of the best coverstich sewing machines for beginners. It is a perfect combination of serger/coverstitch to stitch both sides of the fabric in a single go.

If you like to experiment with your stitch variation then Brother 2340CV can help you adjust the stitch length with the help of easy-to-reach adjustable dials.

Thanks to the advanced automatic and manual features of this sewing machine you can work on different types of fabric and construct and create beautiful and strong coverstitches.

Brother 2340CV comes with a color-coded threading system that enables sewer to stitch perfect finish. You can use Brother 2340CV to create two-needle hems, narrow cover stitches, and tri-cover stitches.

Fast looper threading system and a Max sewing speed of 1,100 stitches per minute, you can use this excellent machine to complete your projects quickly and one time.

Like any best coverstitch machine, Brother 2340CV features a differential feed ability that allows sewists to change stitch length and speed of fabric going through the feed dog to give the best finishes.

However, there are a few downsides to this machine. When used by a beginner they don’t know which is the best serger thread and end-up using a low-quality thread which breaks down due to lack of auto-tension system.

Though Brother 2340CV is an excellent coverstitch machine it does not features the Free-Arm option. So avoid using it for quilting purposes.

What you can do with Brother 2340CV Sewing Machine?

  • Sew perfect T-shirts
  • Create decorative stitches
  • Single or Dual thread top-stitching
  • Chain stitch finish for hems or belt loop
  • Construct durable strapping for flexible garments
  • & more…

If you are a beginner trying to learn how to sew coverstitches, don’t worry the 2340CV is an excellent machine that will help you learn quickly. Once you master to use this machine, you will be able to eliminate the wavy, curvy, or stretched look of every hem, seams, or stitches you create on any fabrics.

What Makes Brother 2340CV one of the best Coverstitch Sewing Machine is the market?

  • Advanced Serger + Coverstitch combination
  • Color-coded threading guide for best finishes
  • Fast sewing speed of 1,100 stitches per minute
  • Fast looper threading system to save time
  • Easy-to-Use Adjustable Dial to Change Stitch Length
  • Free useful accessories to create the best hems and
  • 25 year limited warranty with free technical phone support for the life of the product

Free Accessories

  • A Needle Set
  • 4 Thread Nets
  • A Cleaning Brush
  • 4 Spool Caps
  • 4 Spool Mats
  • Tweezers
  • One Softcover
  • One Hexagonal Wrench
  • Brother’s Operating Manual

Brother 2340CV is an excellent beginner-advanced coverstitch machine that can be used to sew all types of fabric. It makes it very easy for a sewer to create high-quality professional hems, seams, chain stitching, and decorative stitching for special occasion dresses.

2) Janome Cover Pro 1000CPX Coverstitch Machine

Janome Cover Pro 1000CPX Coverstitch Machine

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The CoverPro 1000CPX is one of the best coverstitch machine with extra-wide sewing space (4″ x 5.5″) compared to any other competitive models. In addition to that, it also features more space around the mechanism that allows sewists to perform vertical needle drop and change needles securely.

If you are a professional sewing expert and looking for something that can help you with more variations in stitch length options then Janome CoverPro 1000CPX is an excellent choice.

Janome Coverpro 1000CPX gives you the flexibility of 1mm-4mm stitch length combined with a differential feed ratio of (0.5-2.25) enables to construct decorative stitches and also able to sew hard-to-reach places.

The Seam Tightening System (STS) is our favorite feature of this high-performance coverstitch sewing machine. STS makes use of spring instead of a looper thread tension dial. This simple change reduce slack in the looper thread and helps you achieve that showroom finish.

Janome Coverpro 1000CPX machine boast of Schmetz ELX705 needle system which is considered to be a more reliable needle system than most HAX1SP featuring sewing machine.

The Coverpro 1000CPX is an excellent combination of best features that you can ask in a sewing machine for coverstitch, hems, seams, and to create a beautiful gathering.

How to thread a Janome sewing machine? – Video Tutorial (Beginners Guide)

Why Janome CoverPro 1000CPX is a popular choice?

  • Best coverstitch machine for heavy-duty fabric and projects
  • Features Seam Tightening System to Reduce Slack
  • Reliable Variable Stitch Length and Differential Feed
  • One hand thread cutter to increase stitching speed
  • Smooth Vertical Needle Drop to change them quickly
  • Best to construct strong hems like a professional sewist
  • Easy To Access Extra Large Bed Space for Comfortable sewing
  • Finish hard-to-reach seams faster and with better handling
  • Superior Needle System Than other competitive units
  • 25-year limited warranty and Support

Some Downsides

  • May be intimidating for beginners
  • Only use a top-quality serger thread

Free Janome Coverpro 1000CPX Accessories

  • Size 12 Needle Set
  • Tweezer
  • Nets
  • Narrow Elastic Gathering Foot
  • Wide Elastic Gathering Foot Size 12 Needles
  • Large Screwdriver
  • Small Screwdriver
  • Attachment Screws
  • Spool Holder Caps
  • Needle Threader
  • Lint Brush

No matter if you are a beginner, professional fashion designer, or a seasoned tailor, Janome Coverpro 1000CPX will help you get the best convestitches possible. It is one of the best-selling Janome coverstitch machine that you can buy today at a better price.

3) Juki MCS-1500 Cover Stitch and Chain Stitch Machine

Juki MCS-1500 Cover Stitch and Chain Stitch Machine

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This Juki machine features three needles to create a 3-thread cover stitch and a 4-thread chain stitch. Thanks to adjustable pressure foot, you will be able to sew thick fabrics easily.

Beginners can really learn a lot about stitching a CV or how to chain stitch with the help of this sewing machine. It comes with an easy-to-thread threading system that you will able to master in less than 2-3 trials.

If you struggled to sew waist and T-shirt edges, then Juki MCS-1500 can help you get a professional hem finish every time. It gives showroom finish to simple hems, armholes, buttonholes, sleeve cuffs, and necklines.

It offers an impressive 1350 stitches per minute of sewing speed which is remarkable for an affordable unit. Once you get used to handling MCS-1500, with some practice you will be able to complete big projects, do a quick fix, and even sew woolen fabrics without facing any trouble.

Why Juki MCS-1500 is a high-performance cover stitch and chain stitch machine?

  • Adjustable Differential Feed to sew perfect hems and give a nice finish
  • Adjustable Pressure Foot to sew different types of fabrics
  • Suitable for stitching stretchy garments and fabrics
  • An ideal machine for stitching the waist and side seams of pants
  • Simple looper threading for better grip
  • Exterior thread cutter to detach the fabric after sewing
  • Features extensive plate with seam guides to construct accurate seams possible
  • 2-year warranty on electronics
  • 5-year-limited warranty on mechanics

Some downsides

  • 2-year of warranty
  • Average Throat Space


Juki MCS-1500 is a reliable coverstitch sewing machine that can be used for home-based sewing projects as well as can be used for industrial projects.

4) Bernette b42 Funlock – Best Wide Coverstitch Machine

Bernette b42 Funlock Coverstitch Machine

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With a total of 3 different cover stitches, Bernette B42 Funlock is the best easy-to-use coverstitch machine. This B42 Funlock allows a sewing width of 2.8 and 5.6 mm and also lets you perform chain stitch.

Having a wide fabric passage space improves your sewing agility and allows more room for fabric that can be beneficial while working on larger sewing projects. Thanks to its 87mm fabric passage space and bright LED light you can sew precise hems, seams, or make multiple thread cover stitch to give a premium finish your garments.

Making clothes fancy and locking its edges requires various moving parts and if not managed well it can be very frustrating. However, with Bernette B42 coverstitch machine you get plenty of storage space under looper cover that can hold your accessories.

With color-coded lay-in threading, lower looper threader, and 1,300 stitch-per-minute sewing speed, you will be able to complete every job quickly and in a neat and clean fashion.

Bernette B42 Funlock can create strong hems, seams, and clean edges even when you sew very stretchy fabrics or works on knitted fabrics.

Benefits of using Bernette B42 Funlock

  • 2-3-4 thread capability
  • Easy threading because of color-coded guides
  • Wide cover stitches: 2.8 to 5.6 mm
  • Large working area for big sewing projects
  • Features bright LED light focused at work area
  • High sewing speed (1,300 spm) for efficient operation
  • Threading the needles and loopers is really easy
  • Manufacturer: Bernina International
  • 5 Year Mechanical, 2 Year Electrical Warranty
  • 1-year labor warranty on a Bernette sewing machine


  • 2 Year Electrical Warranty
  • Manual thread tension adjustment

Free Sewing Accessories

  • Brush
  • Needle set (ELx705)
  • Needle Threader/inserter
  • 5 Spool Net
  • 5 Spool Cap
  • 4 Spool Holder
  • Oiler
  • Dust cover
  • Screwdriver (large size)
  • Allen Screw driver (small)
  • Standard presser foot Overlock/Cover

If you frequently end up sewing denim, duck cloth, canvas, cotton, or spandex then owning a wide coverstitch machine such as Bernette B42 can make your job easier.

5)SINGER Professional 5 14T968DC 2-3-4-5 Thread Capability Cover Stitch Serger

SINGER Professional 5 14T968DC Serger with 2-3-4-5 Threaded Cover Stitch

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The Singer 14T968DC is one of the best professional coverstitch machine that features 2-3-4-5 thread capability. This machine boats impressive built quality and widely popular to protect your clothes from fraying by constructing amazing overcasts.

Singer Professional 5 can create strong hems that won’t break when stretched with great strength. This durable stitching ability is what makes this Singer 14T968DC an excellent sewing machine.

If you are someone who constantly works on a wide range of projects then you are going to love its stitch options. With Singer 14T968DC Professional 5, one can sew hems, rolled hems, seams, cover hems, or create decorative stitches. The stitch options are not limited to it, this machine offers more than 25 combinations of stitch options.

Singer 14T968DC features multiple thread options that you can use to construct 2 thread cover stitch, 3-thread cover stitch, or overlock your edges.

The Singer Professional 5 has 2-3-4-5 thread capability which makes it sweet to complete your project with more stitch combination. It is one of the best 5-thread serger cover stitch machine that you can buy with confidence.

You can take your sewing creativity to the next level with the help of an adjustable cutting length and width feature combined with a multifunctional foot that saves a lot of time and gives you a perfect finished garment.

This Singer sewing machine is also praised for its ability to handle and sew through any type of fabric. If you are regularly working on a heavy fabric project then the Professional 5 14T968DC is an excellent choice.

With 1,300 stitches per minute, it is the fastest sewing serger machine that comes with the ability to sew hems, rolled hems, cover stitch, overlock, and has the 5-thread capability.

Stitch Options

  • Straight Chain stitch
  • Rolled Hem stitch
  • Flatlock stitch
  • Double cover stitch 1/8 inch (2.5mm)
  • Double cover stitch 1/4 inch (5mm)
  • Triple Cover stitch
  • 3-Threads overlock stitch
  • 4-Threads Ultra Stretch Overlock stitch
  • 5-Threads Overlock stitch (safety stitch)

Why Singer 14T968DC is the best high-performance machine?

  • 2-3-4-5 thread capability providing a wide selection of stitch options
  • Color-coded Lay-in threading system to save time
  • Six presser feet and easy threading diagram
  • A complete beginner to professional serger
  • Easily Converts to Rolled Hem sewing with 4 Built-in Rolled Hems
  • Self-Adjusting thread tension system for perfect hems
  • Very fast sewing machine – 1,300 stitches-per-minute while trimming and overcasting
  • Choose from a Narrow Coverstitch, Wide Coverstitch, or Triple Coverstitch.
  • Detachable Clean Pocket to collect trimmed fabrics
  • Adjustable Stitch length control provides finishing touch to garments
  • Heavy-duty metal frame for longer shelf life
  • CD Workbook Included
  • Backed by a 25-year limited warranty.

Some Downside

  • May overwhelm a beginner

Free Singer Accessories

  • Needle Set
  • 5 Threads
  • Thread Nets
  • 5 Spool Covers
  • Soft Cover
  • Tweezers
  • Screwdriver
  • Lint Brush
  • Needle Inserter Tool
  • Needle Allen Wrench
  • Extra upper cutting blade
  • Cover stitch converter plate

If you are looking for a heavy-duty serger sewing machine that can create strong and stretchable cover stitches then Singer 14T968DC is the best in the market. It comes at an affordable price and backed by a 25-year limited company warranty.

6) Janome CoverPro 900CPX Coverstitch Machine

CoverPro 900CPX Coverstitch Machine

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With Cover Pro 900CPX Janome has mixed the features of an industrial cover hem machine and a regular home sewing machine to create an easy-to-use unit that can help you give professional finish each and every time.

Janome Coverpro 900CPX is a two-needle machine that is equipped with adjustable pressure foot to make your work easy while working with thick fabrics. So giving a perfect finish to your denim jeans will become much smoother with this unit.

It is widely popular because of its Seam Tightening System(STS) that features a spring instead of a looper tension dial. This little improvement improves dog feeding ability and reduces slack in the looper thread.

With 1000 stitches per minute and STS you will be able to sew loose stitches on elastic materials or inner garments. It improves overall sewing flexibility and enhances sewer creativity freedom.

What makes Coverpro 900CPX best in its Class?

  • 1 or 2 Needle
  • Seam Tightening System
  • Foot pressure adjustment
  • Differential feed ratio 0.5 to 2.25
  • Stitch length 1 to 4mm
  • Stitch width up to 5mm
  • 1 needle – 2 thread chain stitch
  • 2 needle – 3 thread cover stitch
  • Largest sewing space available anywhere: 4 inches x 5.5 inches (100mm x 143mm)
  • Easy-to-Use Color Coded Threading System
  • Quick Reference Sticker for stitch selection
  • Free Arm for better handling and sew sleeves, cuffs, waistbands and other hard-to-reach area seams faster.
  • 25-year limited warranty


  • Average sewing speed
  • Lacks automatic thread tension control

Free Accessories

  • Accessory box
  • Needles Set: 2 x #80/12, 3 x #90/14
  • Needle threader
  • Lint Brush
  • Nets
  • Tweezers
  • Spool holder caps
  • Screwdriver (Large & Small)
  • Attachment screws (for fixing optional accessories)

Janome Coverpro 900CPX is a heavy-duty cover hem sewing machine offered at an affordable price. It can be used by beginners to improve their learning curve about decorative pattern designing in textile industry.

7) Juki MO-735 5-Thread Serger & Cover Hem

Juki MO-735 5-Thread Serger & Cover Hem

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Having plenty of stitch options is something that makes any expert sewist happy because it increases the range of applications. Juku Mo-735 features 24 stitch options that enable you to create a wide range of professional finish and decorative stitches to make your garment the best in the market.

If you are someone who likes to take projects according to trend then you will know that demand for sportswear and stretchy clothing has increased in multiple folds in the last 4-5 years.

Juki MO-735 is one of the best coverstitch machines for making stretchy activewear, trendy sportswear, kids clothing, and decorative home fashion curtains and etc.

With a 5-thread safety stitch, you can finally give the ultimate professional finish to your garments. Thanks to the multi-function presser foot you can control every single needle penetration to make sure high-quality results.

Video Tutorial – Coverstitch For Hemming Knits using Juki MO-735

What makes Janome Coverpro 900CPX worth buying?

  • 2-3-4-5 thread capability
  • 2/3 Thread Conversion Cap
  • Fast Sewing Speed up to 1,500 SPM
  • Overlocking Width – Left Needle: 7mm / Right Needle: 5mm
  • Adjustable Differential Feed (external)
  • Automatic Looper Threading
  • Lay-in Type Thread Tension Slots
  • Slit-Type Molded Looper Threading Paths
  • Cut/Sew/Finish in One Operation
  • Retractable Upper Knife
  • Adjustable Lower Knife
  • Higher Presser Foot Lift
  • All Standard Accessories (Free)
  • 2-year warranty on the electronic parts
  • 5-year warranty on all its other parts


  • Switching between sewing mode will take little more time in comparison to relative machines.

Juki MO-735 is a versatile cover stitch sewing machine suitable for most of the fabric. It can be used on lightweight fabrics and works equally well on heavy-fabrics.

8) Singer 14T970C Cover Stitch Serger

Singer 14T970C Cover Stitch Serger

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Like most of the best coverstitch sewing machines on this list, Singer 14T970C predecessor of 14T968DC features 4 different stitch options allowing you to sew excellent cover stitch every time.

Most of us even end up fixing clothes to give it market quality. And to do so, we end up finishing raw edges, creating strong seams and working to give the best details in a project. To make your fixing job easy Singer 14T970C can sew up to 1,100 SPM while cutting and trimming your fabric.

With Color-coded diagram, 2-3-4 thread capability, and adjustable tension controls your every stitch remains balanced and even throughout the edges. Such perfect gives more life-span to your finished cloth.

It comes with 4 Built-in Stitches:

  • Double Chain Stitch
  • Cover Stitch Narrow
  • Cover Stitch Wide
  • Triple Cover Stitch

Free Accessories:

  • Pack of Needles
  • Screwdrivers
  • Tweezers
  • Thread Spool Caps
  • Thread Spool Holders
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Thread Spool Nets
  • All-Purpose Foot
  • Vinyl Dust Cover

What makes Singer 14T970C an excellent Coverstitch serger?

  • 2-3-4 Thread Capability
  • Color-Coded Threading Guide
  • Adjustable Pressure Foot Pressure
  • Differential Feed to avoid breaking or puckering
  • Adjustable tension for excellent sewing work
  • Adjustable stitch length prevents bunching on any fabric
  • Fast sewing speed: 1,100 SPM
  • 25 Year Limite Warranty


  • No Free Arm
  • Not good with cheap thread

This Singer coverstitch serger is equipped with all the major accessories that give you professional finishing. It is a cost-effective sewing machine that prevents puckering or unraveling of edges by creating perfect seams. Singer 14T970C can be used on lightest weight tricots to the heaviest denim.

9) Janome Coverpro 2000CPX Serger Coverstitch Machine

Janome Coverpro 2000CPX Serger Coverstitch Machine

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If you are a hem specialty then you might be looking for something relevant to your expertise. Janome Coverpro 2000CPX is a dedicated cover hem stitch machine. It is an excellent combination serger to give a professional finish each and every time.

Janome coverpro 2000CPX is a pro when it comes to sewing on a fold to hem or into the fabric for decorative cover hemstitching.

The mechanism is designed in such a way that it can perform tasks of home sewing machines while creating industrial-style cover hems. And this is one of the many reasons why some specific types of sewists love this machine.

Exclusive free arm configuration, Janome’s seam tightening system, and tension level control combined with a wide trip cover hem stitch are the major reasons that make Janome coverpro 2000CPX a unique sewing machine.

Janome 2000CPX Cover Pro USP(s):

  • LED Lights
  • Vertical needle drop
  • 1 needle, 2 thread chain stitch
  • 2 needle, 3 thread cover stitch
  • 3 needle, 4 thread triple cover stitch
  • Quick reference guide for stitch selection


  • 1, 2 or 3 needle
  • Tension release device
  • Free-Arm with Extra large bed space 4” x 5.5
  • Seam Tightening System (STS)
  • Tension Level Control to avoid puckering on thin fabric
  • Differential feed ratio of 0.5 to 2.25
  • Stitch width with two needles: 6mm (standard), 3mm (narrow)
  • Stitch width with three needles: 6mm (3mm + 3mm)
  • Foot pressure adjustment with guidelines
  • 5 Year limited Warranty


  • No other serge, overlock, or rolled hemstitches,
  • Does not cut the material
  • Average sewing speed of 1,000 SPM

Thanks to its wide 6mm triple straight top-stitch and bottom cover hem serge stitch, Janome 2000CPX coverpro cover hem is the best choice offered at an economical price. However, 2000CPX Janome coverpro is will not help you if you are looking for a muli-functional serger.

10) Juki MF-7923 – 3 Needle Coverstitch – Best Cylinder Bed Industrial Machine w/ Table & Motor

Juki MF-7923 - 3 Needle Coverstitch

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If you have a home-based sewing business then Juki MF-7923 with be the perfect coverstitch machine to give the professional finish to all your custom orders.

This heavy-duty machine comes with a fully assembled table and clutch motor to speed your work by installing the workstation in less than 30 minutes.

Most professionals have faced the problem of lopper thread twining and that problem has been solved by the newly developed metal cover in the Juki MF-7923 looper area. It protects and hides rotating parts of the looper thread cam-shaft and prevents thread twining.

Being an industrial-grade coverstitch machine, it features a needle bar stroke conversion mechanism that increases the penetrating force of the needle. Such improvement is a great help when working on heavy-weight materials such as quilts, weighted blanket, or fleece.

With Juki MF-7923 you can now easily change the stitch type and pick elastic soft-seams for innerwear garments and strong well-tensed seams for outerwear.

You can simply shift the dial from soft-seam to well-tensed seam according to the garment you are working.

While working on decorative garments we often add delicate materials such as elastic and rubber straps which require special focus while sewing. The Micro-Lifter mechanism in this sewing machine, you can keep the pressure foot slightly raised to sew elastic and delicate material. Doing that you will be able to prevent warpage, slippage, and reduces damage to the material itself.

Why Juki MF-7923 is the best Industrial Coverstitch machine?

  • Micro-Lifter Mechanism
  • Perfect for hemming hard-to-reach area
  • Needle Bar Stroke Conversion Mechanism
  • Prevents Looper thread Twining
  • Advanced thread cutter cuts a long piece of looper thread from twining around the cover
  • Easily change over the stitch type from soft-seams to well-tensed seams
  • Best Differential-feed Micro-adjustment Mechanism


  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Costly compared to commercially produced units

Juki MF-7923 is one of the most trusted industrial coverstitch machine used by professionals, fashion designers, renowned tailers, and home-based small scall industries.

Coverstitch Machine Vs Serger – What is the Difference?

For a beginner sewing machine, serger, and coverstitch options are the same as they are sewing your clothes. However, they do differ on the basis of job requirements and their ability to perform certain tasks.

A serger machine comes with the option of multiple threading systems where it can reach up to 8 thread spool options. However, most requirements are fulfilled by a 2-3-4 sergers. On some occasions, you might need a 5-thread serger. Most popular brands such as Brother, Singer, BabyLock, Janome, Juki, and Bernina make 2-3-4 thread sergers for the commercial market.

Sergers are mostly used to give your project the perfect finish. Because they come with some improved functionality such as thread cutter knife, free-arm, and overlocking features that create strong hems, rolled hems, and seams. However, you will still need a regular sewing machine to complete simple tasks such as buttonholing or adding a zipper to your garments.

Cover stitch machine is somewhat a hybrid between a serger and regular sewing machine that comes really handy in decorative stitches, creating hems, making gathering patterns, and are easy-to-use.

Choosing Best Coverstitch Machines

Coverstitch capability

We looked for machines that provide multiple stitch options that enable you to execute any type of project. Some of the best coverstitch machines will have 4-thread, 3-thread wide, 3-thread narrow, dual and triple cover stitch options

Threading System

Threading is one of the most time-consuming task and beginners often find it very frustrating. So a machine with a color-coded guide will make your life easy and save time that you can dedicate to enhance creativity in your project.

Sewing Speed

The sewing speed is very important for professionals because they are bound by the time limit and has to maintain quality. That’s why machines like Janome Cover Pro 1000CPX and Singer 14T968DC has 1300 stitch-per-minute speed.

For moms working from home or a hobbyist can go for a lower-average speed machine that provides sewing speed between 800-1100 SPM. Both Janome CoverPro 900CPX and Brother 2340CV check all the boxes for being an ideal coverstitch machine and they are affordable so no dent on your wallet.

Adjustable presser foot pressure

Most of the time we end up fixing heavy fabrics such as denim jeans. And to work through that a sewing machine with adjustable pressure foot pressure helps the needle to penetrate through thick fabrics without breaking the needle.

Stitch adjustments

The ability to adjust the length between each stitch high affect the durability and strength of the garment you make. While working on the heavy fabric it is a common practice to use long stitch and short lengths are typically used for light fabrics.

However, it can vary depending upon the use and creativity of the sewer. With a good unit, you can adjust the length and width of your stitches and also assure the perfect distance between the thread rows.


If your sewing project requires you to work on sleeves, neckline, cuffs, and denim, and pants then a free-arm unit is almost necessary until you have mastered working on a small sewing table.

However, with Free-Arm tasks such as sewing blind hem or coverstitch long tunnels of fabric becomes easy.


All the machine in this list comes with essential standard accessories for no extra cost. These small additions make the machine work through all types of sewing projects irrespective of the fabric thickness.

Attachment tools such as tweezers, needle threader, thread spool nets, thread spool caps, screwdrivers, and screws will allow you to use your machine to its highest performance.

Your Budget

Are you shopping on a budget then try buying low-cost inexpensive coverstitch machines such as Brother 2340CV, Janome Coverpro 900CPX, and Janome Coverpro 1000CPX. These will cost you less than $500 and are covered by long-term warranties.

You can also associate your sewing machine budget with your projects. As if it requires you to work with heavy fabrics and has to work for a longer period of time then go for professional or heavy-duty units as you will make money in the process this won’t look costly down the road. Singer 14T968DC and Juki MCS-1500 are the popular choices in this segment.


So which brand sewing machine to pick? Most beginners confuse themselves while only focusing on the brand and not on the needs and accessories they get. However, Top brands such as Brother, Singer, and Janome account all the need. You can also go for the Bernina machine (Bernett B42 Funlock), however its hard to find parts of this sewing machine.


Most of us undermine this aspect which should be our deciding factor while buying coverstitch machine.

  • Are you going to work on heavy-fabric or lightweight fabric?
  • Are you going to work constantly for months?
  • Are you an occasion sewist?

So if your project is light and you don’t have to stretch your hours for it then pick something quick and effective such as Brother 2340CV or Janome Coverpro 1000CPX.

And if you are a professional and require something rigid then Singer 14T968DC, JUKI MCS-1500, and Janome Coverpro 2000CPX will help you complete your project with perfect finishes.

Support and Warranty

Brands like Brother, Singer, and Janome provides one of the longest warranties on their products. You can get a 25-year limited warranty from these brands and also get access to life-time phone support. Long support and service are a great parameter to know that brand itself trust their product built quality.

However, warranty levels change when we talk about industrial cover stitch machines. Because of their heavy-duty uses, most of the company will offer 2-3 years of limited warranty which again is quite good by the industrial standards.

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Types of Stitches

Here are some of the most used and basic types of stitches that you can expect your cover machine or serger machine to perform.

  • 2-thread chainstitch seam, top and bottom
  • 3-thread coverstitch, wide (5.0 mm)/narrow (2.5mm)
  • 4-thread coverstitch, wide (5.0 mm)
  • 5-thread safety seam, wide
  • 3-thread Blank Stitch, wide/narrow
  • 2-thread overlock seam, wide/narrow
  • 3-thread overlock seam, wide/narrow
  • 4-thread overlock seam
  • 2-thread flatlock seam, wide/narrow
  • 3-thread flatlock seam
  • 3-thread super-stretch
  • 2-thread rolled hem
  • 3-thread rolled hem
  • 3-thread rolled seam

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Conclusion – Buying Cover Stitch Machine

We highly recommend buying sewing machines according to your job requirements. If you are going to need it constantly then Singer Professional 5 14T968DC and Juki MCS-15000 are one of the best coverstitch machines available in the market offered at an economical price.

For beginners or hobbyists, Brother 2340CV is the best choice because it will help you with all types of fabric and has most of the automatic moving parts that make sewing easy, irrespective of the pattern you follow.

If you are looking for a balanced sewing machine that can handle your decorative, cover, and regular sewing needs then Janome Coverpro 1000CPX will fulfill your requirements.


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