9 Best Handheld Sewing Machine Reviews of 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

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I personally like handheld sewing machines because they are portable and come in handy during quick alteration. Beyond, that if you are just starting out or a beginner in the stitching world then such small in-hand sewing machines can really help you a lot.

What brand of handheld sewing machine you should buy? The surprising part is that like top brands such as Juki, Singer, Brother, or Janome, there are new players in the market who makes truly great stitching machines.

For many, it is a comforting and easy-to-use handheld sewing machine over a heavy-duty costly one.

Most handheld sewing machine reviews on Amazon are not high because the buyer keeps unrealistic expectations. You must understand that it is not an all-purpose heavy-duty sewing machine.

The idea of using such units is to replace conventional hand sewing. It is not a replacement for a regular desk machine.

Best Sewing Machine of All Time
Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine, CS6000i, 60 Built-in Stitches, 2.0" LCD Display, Wide Table, 9...
60 Unique built-in stitches: The Brother CS6000i includes 60 built-in sewing stitches, including decorative stitches and 7 styles of auto-size buttonholes

Most student living in a hostel does not have enough space in the dorm to keep a traditional sewing machine. In such cases, these portable sewing machines are very useful in the alteration of your denim.

Some of the top brands offer battery-operated sewing machines which you can carry along with you even on the go.

Before we move forward to read our handheld sewing machine reviews, let me tell you a few things straight. Such mini stitchers are widely used for on-the-spot alternations only. You should not consider them a full features sewing machine.


Handheld Sewing Machine Comparision Table

Here is the list and table of all reviewed units, followed by their complete review.

Best Of All
Portable Sewing Machine, Mini Cordless Handheld Electric Sewing Machine, Quick Handy Stitch Tool for...
Top Brand
SINGER 01663 Stitch Sew Quick Portable Mending Machine
Best Control
Portable Sewing Machine, Mini Cordless Handheld Electric Sewing Machine, Quick Handy Stitch Tool for...
Handheld Sewing Machine By Royalsell
SINGER Stitch Sew Quick
Mini Cordless Handheld Electric Sewing Machine
Customer Ratings
Customer Reviews
52 Reviews
8,747 Reviews
91 Reviews
Best Of All
Portable Sewing Machine, Mini Cordless Handheld Electric Sewing Machine, Quick Handy Stitch Tool for...
Handheld Sewing Machine By Royalsell
Customer Ratings
Customer Reviews
52 Reviews
Check Price
Top Brand
SINGER 01663 Stitch Sew Quick Portable Mending Machine
SINGER Stitch Sew Quick
Customer Ratings
Customer Reviews
8,747 Reviews
Check Price
Best Control
Portable Sewing Machine, Mini Cordless Handheld Electric Sewing Machine, Quick Handy Stitch Tool for...
Mini Cordless Handheld Electric Sewing Machine
Customer Ratings
Customer Reviews
91 Reviews
Check Price

Best Handheld Sewing Machine Reviews

1. RoyalSell Cordless Electric Stitch Tool – Best Heavy Duty Handheld Sewing Machine

When you are looking for a small alteration in your sewing project then having a portable sewing machine can be a really big help. Royalsell handheld sewing machine is perfect for such hand stitching and fast Seaming.

It is an ideal electric mini stitch tool that you use while traveling or even gift it to your kids for learning purposes.

This Royalsell handheld sewing machine is best for any material. No matter what type of fabric you are going to use in your project, it can help you with your stitches.

It is an easy-to-use handheld sewing machine that can be used by beginners as well as professionals. Mostly fashion designers or sewing experts use it during emergency hours.

So why it is the best handheld sewing machine?

Handheld sewing machine instructions/functions
  • It is an excellent handheld sewing machine with tension control through which you can adjust the tension of the thread according to the fabric.
  • A simple ON/OFF power switch to avoid any unwanted movement of the needles until you are ready to sew.
  • The built-in adaptor input will help you charge the 4 x AA batteries (if rechargeable) or you can directly use it with a DC 6v power adaptor.
  • Comes with a built-in bobbin and rotatory options for high-quality sewing work.
  • You can use this handheld sewing machine for denim, undergarments, handkerchief, thread designing, and crafting patterns on any cloth.
  • Simple operation just lines the cloth with the flat edge and it moves automatically.

This mini handheld sewing machine is inexpensive and can be used for crafting, patchwork, instant alteration, or simple embroidery.

2. Mini Handheld Sewing Machine Review – Quick Handy Stitch Tool For Any Material

If you are just a beginner then you might find it sewing a complicated craft. However, that is not true at all. Use this best handheld sewing machine for beginners and novices.

It comes pre-threaded so that you don’t have to worry about thread tension.

The lightweight and portable design make it very handy when it comes to traveling or on-the-spot jobs.

This battery-operated handheld sewing machine comes with a rotary wheel which can be used to change thread tension for perfect stitches.

With the help of this portable sewing machine, even a beginner can mend a torn pocket, fix hems, alter the size of denim, and shorten trousers quickly.

The size of this machine is very small and it can fit in your palm. Such small size sewing machines is easy to control for perfect stitching.

Features you will get with this handheld sewing machine:

  • It is a single thread handheld sewing machine.
  • Operated on battery or can run directly on electricity through an adaptor.
  • Perfect for tricky positioning where your regular sewing machine can’t reach.
  • Best gift for upcoming fashion designers.
  • fastening plates to hold fabric while needler is stitching them.
  • Perfect sewing tool for spot jobs like repairs and alterations.
  • A smooth and powerful motor for quick stitching.
  • It will run on 4 AA batteries.
  • Perfect handheld sewing machine for baby clothes.The

The best electric handheld single stitch sewing machine that will make it look stitching fun. A perfect tool for spot repairs and can be taken while traveling to avoid any clothes issue.

3. Singer Handheld Sewing Machine – SINGER Stitch Sew Quick Review

Sale - Lowest Price
SINGER Stitch Sew Quick...
8,747 Reviews
SINGER Stitch Sew Quick...
  • Cordless, handheld portable mending machine Single thread feed for quick repairs or temporary...
  • Works best on lightweight fabrics
  • Includes threads, bobbins, needles and thread spindle

This singer sewing machine is one of the best handheld mini sewing machine for mending clothes. When it was launched, many people bought by thinking that they will be able to perform all the stitches.

It is not an all-purpose sewing machine. However, you can easily use it to repair, mend, and alter clothes without any hassle.

Singer brand is a very renowned and popular sewing machine brand, and they know that repairing and alteration is the part of the sewing process. No matter how well you stitch your clothes there is always something missing.

I have personally used it to stitch patches and alter the size of my denim. This cordless mini sewing machine is a perfect way to fix clothes that require instant touch.

What if I tell you that you can have a handheld sewing machine from a top brand that gives you bobbins, thread spindle, thread, and already comes threaded? Isn’t it cool?

You can start using this singer machine directly out of the box. You can also adjust the thread tension to get the right stitches on your clothes.

Singer Portable Handheld Sewing Machine Features:

  • Cordless handheld operation
  • Comes with a ready-to-use sewing kit
  • Excellent for a small alteration
  • Can do a straight stitch and chain stitch
  • A useful tool for fixing hem on regular clothes
  • Good sewing machine for beginners to play with
  • Very useful during traveling
  • In nutshell, perfect for small jobs with casual fabric
  • The best battery-operated sewing machine by a top brand

Down Sides:

  • Don’t use on heavy clothes or thick fabrics
  • You will need practice before you can place the fabric correctly
  • Cheap plastic body (as the price is low)
  • Don’t use it on professional projects

Singer Stitch Sew Quick is a small, compact, and portable sewing machine that can be used for daily clothes repair from bedding to curtains to altering your trousers. Being cordless, you can move it freely and can work on even compact stitches.

4. MSDADA Portable Machine – Best Handheld Sewing Machine with Measuring Tape

Portable Mini Handheld Sewing Machine By MSDADA...
245 Reviews
Portable Mini Handheld Sewing Machine By MSDADA...
  • 【PORTABLE AND MIN】 It's a portable, compact, lightweight and practical quick-hitting tool, An...
  • 【PERFECT FOR ANY MATERIALS】 Great for fabric, clothing, silk, wool, leather, Hem pants, and...
  • 【HOW TO WORK? 】 It Needs 4 x AA Batteries or DC 6v Power Adaptor(Batteries and Adaptor Not...

MSDADA mini handheld sewing machine is an invaluable tool when you need quick repair and fixes.

While working on a project you might have to face tricky positioning that you might not be able to sew with a regular sewing machine. In such cases, this mini machine can really come handy and help you complete the job.

It is a battery-operated portable sewing machine that you can hold in your hand while sewing. Such cordless features enable users to use it in any direction.

Like other handheld sewing machines, it is also not an all-purpose unit. You might find it difficult to work with it on thick fabrics. Otherwise, it is a great handheld sewing machine for fabrics such as silk, wool, leather, and cotton.

Are you a beginner?

If yes, then it is the best option to try out. With this machine, you will be able to learn how to fix clothes, repair, mend, alter, and learn different types of stitches.

Upsides of Buying This Portable Sewing Machine:

  • It can be used by a beginner and professional
  • Compact size and lightweight
  • AA battery handheld sewing machine (need 4 batteries)
  • Perfect for tricky positioning that traditional machines can not reach
  • Can be used on any fabric having less than 1.8 MM sewing thickness
  • Repair clothes without taking it off
  • Perfect for adjusting curtain size and bedding
  • Can control the thread tension for perfect stitch
  • Place the cloth on the fastening plate for straight line stitching
  • You can change the large thread spool by changing the spindle
  • Bobbin and rotary wheel to control the thread type and its metric
  • The unit has 60 days money-back guarantee

Down Sides:

  • Avoid using it on clothes thicker than 1.8 MM
  • Due to single stitch, you will have to tie a knot after sewing

This is an excellent handheld sewing machine that you can use to sew curtains without taking them off or sewing a patch on the bag. It is portable and will cost you less than $15. It is a perfect gift for people who are into DIY and craft.

5. Unilive Handy Electric Stitch Review – Professional Portable Handheld Sewing Machine

Undoubtedly this Unilive unit is one of the best handheld sewing machines. It can precisely control stitching even when you are sewing it y holding it in your hand.

In our review, we found that it has the strongest hold in fastening plates that hold the fabric and keep the stitches in line.

Most people who like to stitch are used to doing small repairs with conventional needles and thread. However, Unilive electric handheld single stitch sewing machine makes it easy for you to complete the repair quickly. It can be a great replacement for people who are still doing it in the old style.

Like other portable sewing machines, its size is also small and can hold into your hand without any issue. It also has bobbins and you can control the thread tension seamlessly for perfect stitching lines.

This quick electric compact stitch tool is perfect for home use. Also comes in handy when you are on the wheel or having your own fashion show.

The only thing which we don’t like is its plastic body. However, you can expect more from a mini and inexpensive sewing machine that you buy for under $15.

Handy Features of this electric sewing machine for home and travel use:

  • Rotary wheel adjustment can provide you with precise stitching
  • Suitable for any type of fabric
  • Need 4 AA batteries for smooth operation
  • Compact size enables the user to carry it anywhere
  • This mini portable sewing machine can fit in your palm
  • Cost-effective – You can buy it for less than $15
  • Convenient sewing tool for fixing clothes and best for small repairs
  • Very handy to stitch up tears and repair seams
  • All features of above listed best handheld sewing machines

Downside of this unit:

  • Plastic material may break down after a couple of years of use
  • Don’t use it on thick fabric

It is an excellent easy-to-use handheld sewing machine. You can use it vertically or horizontally according to the need of the project. A perfect tool for small projects where you have to sew a small areas.

6. Mini Portable Sewing Machine – Excellent Professional Handheld Stitch Tool

Mini Portable Sewing Machine Professional Handheld...
40 Reviews
Mini Portable Sewing Machine Professional Handheld...
  • Portable hand-held sewing machine, is a fast sewing tool for fabrics, garments, children's clothing...
  • Handheld sewing machines: portable and compact, ideal for on-site repairs. It is a simple,...
  • Perfect quick fix: Some traditional desktops cannot be repaired, such as sewing curtains online or...

After sewing for over a decade, I personally understand the frustration when you get stuck at corners and small areas.

But don’t worry, I have something for you!

During our handheld sewing machine review, I was looking for a new product that is not being bought or reviewed by any consumer. Gaole tool was something that really caught my eye.

It is a good portable handheld sewing machine that stitches really fast as compared to other similar tools.

The compact size of this sewing machine is similar to that of the Singer unit. However, because it is new in the market we listed below in this list of our sewing machine reviews.

I can even bet that a beginner can start using it flawlessly in less than 30 minutes. Fits perfectly in your hand and can feed fabric directly to the needle for a perfect straight stitch line.

Like other best handheld sewing machines, it also lets users change the thread tension.

You might not be able to repair torn pockets of your denim without removing it if you have a conventional machine. But, such a portable sewing machine makes such a job a piece of cake.

The only disappointment I have with this unit is its limitation of seam thickness. It can be used to seam any fabric having a 1.8 MM thickness. Beyond that, it starts behaving strangely. Avoid the use of this machine if you want to work on thicker fabrics.

Things I like about this portable handheld sewing machine:

  • It is a great fast sewing tool for any household project
  • Can be used to craft designs on handkerchief, apron, bedsheets, and more
  • Best portable sewing machine for on-the-spot repair
  • Excellent seaming and mending work
  • Comes with a pressure plate that holds the fabric in place
  • A strong and sharp needle that will last long
  • Like other good machines, it also has thread tension control
  • If you are a professional then you will be able to use it for simple embroidery work
  • An easy to use, portable, and meet the sewing needs of everyday life
  • A good sewing machine for kids that can be used to teach them how to sew anything

Down Side:

  • Avoid using it to seam fabric thicker than 1.8 mm

An excellent compact and portable handheld sewing machine for everyone. If you need some small sewing tool for quick repairs then this it another right choice for you.

7. Mini Handheld Sewing Machine Review – Best For DIY Projects and Home Use

No products found.

Great control over your machine is very important for perfect stitching. Thanks to the GPSGO compact design and crafted precision you are going to get the ultimate control.

If you like to do DIY sewing projects then you already know that conventional machines sometimes become helpless when you are working on tiny fabric.

This mini portable handheld sewing machine is another excellent tool that you must add in your list. In spite of being small in size, it is packed with features.

First, it is very easy to thread this handheld sewing machine. The strong needle arm and thread tension control will allow you to stitch through any fabric without having any issues.

If you are working on a project which involves the use of silks, denim, and wool then it can be helpful.

You can easily repair drapes without taking them down and the same goes for curtains or bedding.

Make sure you practice on a test cloth with this unit before using it on your project. You may need some practice in using these portable sewing machines.

Upsides of this small handheld sewing machine:

  • It is a battery-operated mini sewing machine which makes it easy for you to carry it around
  • An ideal gift for moms and teenagers who are fashion prodigy
  • Built-in bobbin make the job easy
  • Automatic and intelligent sewing that is really hard to see in such compact units
  • Great control and tension control for perfect stitch
  • Can be used for embroidery work
  • Cordless electric stitch tool that comes handy while traveling
  • Perfect for tricky positioning that conventional units can do
  • Inexpensive so there is no harm in at least giving it a try
  • Comes with a company money-back guarantee


  • Not suitable for too big projects
  • Also, avoid its use on thick fabric

Personally, I think it is an ideal gift for your friends who are interested in sewing. If you yourself love sewing then don’t miss the new machines in town!

8. Portable & Cordless Handheld Sewing Machine – Best For Household Use

This stitching tool is only good for emergency needs. You can keep as a backup plan to other best handheld sewing machines. This might not be the best, but yet it works really well when only used for quick repairs.

Like others in this review list, this mini sewing machine is easy to operate. Just hold it in your dominant hand and let it slide through the cloth from any direction.

You can easily guide the needle to form a sewing pattern. However, beginners avoid doing it as you might not have control of the machine. But again if you are just learning then do whatever you want!

Suitable for small projects on any material such as silk, leather, wool, jeans, trousers, pants, and denim. You can also use it to sew hanging curtains if the seam is getting off.

Upsides of this unit:

  • The portable design makes this cordless stitching machine great for small jobs
  • It has a long stick, so you can sew deeper in your fabric
  • 2 needles so you don’t have to buy accessories
  • Again 3 bobbins in case if you lose one or need to work with multiple color thread
  • Company provides 100% Money Back Guarantee

Down sides:

  • Does not produce the required result when used on fabrics thicker than 1.8 MM
  • Drains battery quickly

The compact and lightweight of this stitching tool is very handy for small jobs. It is good for on-the-spot repairs. However, don’t expect it to work flawlessly on a bigger project. It is an excellent machine for under $10.

9. MyLifeUnit – Household Portable Sewing Machine Review – Best For Beginners

No products found.

The body of this unit feels cheap which is the only reason why it is at the last position in our handheld sewing machine reviews.

Apart from that, you can perform all the mini task which you have been doing with your hand.

Again, you will need some practice before you will be able to use this handheld sewing machine flawlessly.

You can do a chain stitch with this machine which can be altered if required or if not done right.

It is a bobbin-free handheld sewing machine that feeds the thread directly to the needle via tension control.


  • Very compact design and the smallest stitch machine available in the market
  • Excellent for beginners or children above 10 years old
  • Looks elegant but cost you less than $10
  • You can use it to fix clothes and repair
  • Mending, seams, hem, and embroidery are some of the basic things you can do after practicing
  • Built-in needle threader for more comfort
  • Great for simple long stitches near the edge of the material


  • Can not stitch through the thick fabric (more than 1.8 mm)
  • Cheap plastic body

You can have this compact sewing machine for less than $10. The overall design of the product is great when compared to its low price.

How to use a handheld sewing machine?

Such compact machines are very easy to use and you don’t have to be a professional. Just follow these handheld sewing machine instructions and you are good to go.

  • Install 4 AA batteries in your portable machine
  • Hold it in your right hand and place the thumb on top of it.
  • Let the base of the palm handle the unit
  • Read the manual in the box of the sewing machine for threading directions
  • Simply uplift the pressure plate and place the clothing under it then leave it
  • Hold the fabric in your left hand and feed it directly to the needle
  • Adjust the stitch tension according to the project or repair need
  • That’s all! You did it!

How to Operate it – Video Tutorial

If you still have doubts then here is an easy-to-understand video tutorial on how to operate a handheld sewing machine.

When You Can Use Handheld Sewing Machines

Handheld sewing machines are different from your regular sewing machine. They do not have all the features. However, their portability and compact size come in handy.

You can fix a hem without removing your shirt or jeans. Simply tuck the fabric under the fastening belt and solve the mini sewing issues.

Curtains often lose stitching and you can see the threads. In such a case, if you have a portable handheld sewing machine, you can easily fix this issue without removing it from your window.

It is a perfect sewing tool for reducing the size of your pants or trousers. Instead of trimming them down, you can simply stitch the unwanted length inwards.

Such small handheld sewing machines are lifesavers during fashion shows. Anything can go wrong and you don’t have the time to remove the dress from the body of the model and fix it on a regular machine.

People directly use these portable devices to stitch patches and hem clothes on the spot.

There are many such sewing tools available in the market but we could only find these 9 worth the money, as some of them have poor customer feedback. It is better to buy a handheld sewing machine with good reviews.


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