5 Best Serger Thread To Buy in 2022 (Recommended)

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Having the best thread for a serger machine is equally important as of the sewist talent. Strong threads tend to give amazing and professional hem finishes. High-quality threads avoid lint and fuzz to build, making sure your high work efficiency.

Serger threads have to be strong yet somehow a little stretchable because the finishing raw edges of any fabric have to be sealed with the best seams possible.

It is important to use multiple spools of thread to make sure that all the serger jobs such as seaming, hemming, and flat locking, and overlocking have to be durable.

5 Best Serger Threads

Apart from being the best in quality the serger thread color also matters. Because it has to match the fabric right?

What is the best thread for serger?

All the sewing community will agree that threads made from Polyesters are some of the best thread choices you can make. Because they are strong and gives you the flexibility every seam and hems need. Be assured that Polyester threads are some of the strongest serger threads that you can buy.

So I Should Buy Polyester Serger Threads all the time right?

Partially Yes, but sewing projects are so versatile that picking a single type of yarn is not going to help you give a professional finish to your project.

You should change the thread type according to the fabric you are working on. Buy polyester threads are a good idea for occasional sewing enthusiasts, however, it is always a good idea to have different types of thread in your sewing kit.

Best Serger Threads – Top 5 Picks

If I have to name a few, here are some of the best serger threads for knits, seams, hems, and overlocking.

1) New ThreadNanny Black and White Spools Polyester Threads

New ThreadNanny Black and White Spools of 3-PLY Polyester Sewing Quilting Serger Threads

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Black and White thread color goes with most of the fabric and they are effectively used for household or commercial projects.

This is a quality polyester thread that won’t break even when used with high-speed sewing machines. It is the perfect choice for brother 1034D or 1034DX or for Juki 735 machines.

New ThreadNanny bundle comes with 10 spools of 40wt. high-quality threads best for general sewing, quilting, seams, hems, or hem rolls.

Each spool size is 6.5 cms x 3.8 cms and is 1000 meters or 1100 yards long. The product is made out of the best Spun polyester fiber that has high tensile strength. Anything sewed or quilted with it will stick for a long time and won’t tear down easily.

2) Maxi Lock 4 Large Cones (3000 Yards Each) – All Purpose Thread

Maxi Lock Serger Thread

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American & Efird A.K.A Maxi-Lock is one of the most popular thread brands that is widely used for constructing strong seams.

This Maxi-Lock serger thread is mildew and UV light tolerant provides the best seam and hems. It is also the best choice if you own high-speed sergers.

It is ideal for light to medium fabrics, garment construction, and hems. Each cone has 3000 yards of multi-purpose thread.

Thanks to its excellent seam strength and consistent sewability this thread is perfect for lightweight knits, any serger, and coverstitch machine. As the price is down and the product often goes out of stock, it is always a good idea to keep it in stock.

3) Mandala Crafts Overlock Polyester Thread (5 Cones 6000 Yards Each)

Mandala Crafts Overlock Polyester Thread

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This Mandala Crafts thread is compatible with most sergers, sewing machine, and is also perfect for hand sewing. It is a 5 thread cone where each spool consists of 6000 yards of length.

Quick overview:

  • 5 Spools per set
  • Five Colors: White, Black, Taupe, Gray, and Tan
  • Each Spool: 6000 Yards
  • Total Lenght: 30,000 yards
  • Weight: 40 WT

It is a reliable elastic polyester thread that does not shrink during washing ensuring strong hems and seams. Thanks to its uniques feature such as plastic overlock cones, knot-free, tangle-free properties, you can use it on heavy fabric with confidence.

Complete bulk sewing kit and it works great for hemming, seaming upholstery, knits, quilting, or use it for basic stitching.

The best part of this multi-color serger thread is that it comes with a 45 days Mandala Crafts warranty.

4) Madeira Aerolock Premium Serger Thread

Madeira Aerolock Premium Serger Thread

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There is no doubt that buying a Madeira thread for your sewing purposes is a good choice. Thanks to their year of expertise in producing quality threads for sergers, sewing machines, hand-woven, and industrial uses, you can rely on their product.

Madeira uses core-spun fabrics to make their thread that tends to construct strong seams and stitches which outlast dozens of wash. It is one of the inexpensive premium line products.

Aerolock Premium Serger threads are their top-of-the-line Colorfast product that comes in a variety of color options. You can be assured that any stitching done using these threads are going to last long and runs smoothly in any machine.

This Bundle has 4 black cones (8000) and 4 white cones (8010) and each cone is 2000 yards long and weighs 125. You can also buy a single 2000 yard spool of polyester thread that is available in 48 different vibrant colors.

5) Threadart Polyester Serger Thread

Threadart Polyester Serger Thread

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This 4 cone bundle pack high-performance thread is also made from polyester. They are color-fast, lustrous, and very durable designed for being resistant to fraying and withstanding regular cleaning.

Every spool features 40 weight/2 ply 2750 yds per cone. This quality serger thread is designed to work excellently with 3-4 thread or 5 thread sergers producing strong hems, seams, and finishes.

Threadart is well known for manufacturing high-quality sewing and embroidery threads. A rainbow of colors is available. To be specific, it is available in 56 different color options.

Thread Color Options

White and black colors are one of the most popular serger thread colors because of their adaptability in multiple projects.

It is very common to see new serger owners get all confused about the color of the threads. As you have four spools places to fill to make 4-thread overlock construction seams.

However, serger threads are cheap and cost-effective and they do last long.

If WHITE and BLACK is not your colors, then these are my next four best colors – Yellow, Blue, Green, and Red

If still think you need more color choices then selecting the secondary colors (faint colors) is always a good idea. My next 5 favorites serger thread colors are Peach, Beige, Aqua, Tan, and Taupe.

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Wrap Up

If you sew regularly then buy a quality serger thread to construct the best seams, hems, and stitches possible. They are very affordable and some of these cones and spools are as long as 2000-5000 yards. So they are worth every penny.

As long you are breaking your bank to buy threads for your serger sewing machine, it is a good idea to get different types of threads for your serger. They will help you achieve different sewing goals such as knitting, stitching sleeves, hemming denim, seams, flatlock, overlock, and more.


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