10 Best Singer Serger To Buy in 2022 (Reviews & Buyer Guide)

10 Best Singer Serger
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Sergers are very popular among home-based sewing experts who love their quilting job. Singer serger sewing machines are very effective and trustworthy when it comes to quality finishing.

The singer profinish, singer ultralock , and singer tiny sergers are some of the best singer sergers available in the market today.

If you are a beginner and confused then understand that sergers are a sewing machine but instead of one bobbin and one thread, serger sewing machines have 3-5 bobbins attached with 3-5 threads.

10 Best Singer Serger


Best Singer Serger Sewing Machines Reviews

Here is our review of these best singer sergers that you can buy today at a very reasonable price.

1) Singer 14CG754 ProFinish Serger – Best 2-3-4 Thread Capability Overlock Machine

Singer 14CG754  ProFinish Serger - Best 2-3-4 Thread Capability Overlock

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This singer profinish serger truly holds its name because of a wide selection of stitch options and its multiple (2-3-4) thread capability.

The 14CG754 ProFinish features a Lay-in color-coded threading system which saves time and helps sewer avoid confusion. It has an adjustable stitch length and width sewing machine that gives pro-finish to every project you work on.

Thanks to its fast stitching speed of 1,300 stitches per minute combined with automatic fabric trimming knife you can finish stitching your clothes very quickly and that also with perfection.

Having trouble while rolling hems before? then don’t worry this Singer ProFinish 14CG754 serger sewing machine comes with an optional free arm and 4 built-in rolled hems that make it super easy in converting to rolled hem sewing mode.

You can easily sew sleeves, cuffs, jacket zips, or hem them all. In addition to all that, 14CG754 serger comes with an easy-to-access lever that allows the sewer to move the stitch finger in position for rolled hemming in no matter of time.

Thanks to the 6 different stitch types in 14CG754, even if you are working on blind hems, rolled hems, flatlocking, sewing seams, or finishing raw edges, this Singer serger ensures perfect stitch all the time.

14CG754 serger

Built-in Stitch Options:

  • 2 Thread Overlock Stitch adds a lightweight seam finish
  • 3 Thread Overlock Stitch for decorative embellishment
  • 3 Thread Mock Stretch Safety Stitch for fine or highly stretchable fabrics
  • 4 Thread Mock Stretch Stitch for sewing on knit fabrics
  • 4 Built-In Rolled Hems
  • Flatlock Stitch adds dramatic embellishment

Why ProFinish 14CG754 is worth buying?

  • Color-Coded Threading system
  • 1300 stitches per minute speed can help you complete your project in no time
  • 2-3-4 Thread capability with 6 different stitch types
  • Differential Feed for perfect seams every time you stitch
  • Movable trimming knife – just
  • Adjustable Tension improves your efficiency when working on multiple types of fabric
  • Removable Free-Arm for sewing hard-to-reach places or corners
  • Built-in carry handles make it portable
  • Extra High-Pressure Foot Lifter for easy control
  • Bright LED light to help give the ProFinihs touch
  • Free Accessories: Universal Foot, Tweezers, Needle Set, Spreader, Screwdriver, and Dust Cover.
  • 25 Year Limited Warranty By Singer

The Singer ProFinish 14CG754 sewing machine is of the best choice if you are overlocking with blind, rolling hems, or Flatlocking your fabrics. It has more than 900+ positive customer reviews at the time of writing this review.

2) SINGER 14T968DC Professional 5 Serger – Best 5 Thread Serger Sewing Machine (Cover Stitch)

SINGER 14T968DC Professional 5 Serger Cover stitch

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If you are looking for a fast sewing machine for your serging jobs then Singer 14T968DC is one of the best choices. At 1,300 stitches per minute, you can sew as many projects as you want with the time frame with professional touch each and every time.

The 14T968DC is a self-adjusting tension serger machine where you just move the dial to a stitch pattern and it will automatically adjust the thread tension to give the best stitches.

The Singer 14T968DC is one of the best 5 thread capability serger sewing machines available in the market. This unit easily surpasses when compared to Brother, BabyLock, and Bernina competitors.

The Singer Professional 5 14T968DC is also considered one of the best professional sergers because it offers a wide range of stitch options for sewing decorative edges, rolled hems, seams, cover hems, cover stitches, and more,

Like 14CG754, this Singer Serger also features 4 built-in rolled hems that allow the sewer to easy roll hems on most of the fabric.

Many professional fashion designers and at-home sewing experts like Singer 14T968DC because of its Coverstitch capability. You get the option to choose from a Narrow Coverstitch, Wide Coverstitch, or Triple Coverstitch to make your clothes more beautiful and give it a professional touch.

How to Thread 14T968DC 5 Thread Serger – Video Tutorial

Here is a step-by-step video tutorial that will help you understand the threading process.

Threading a 5 thread serger is not difficult, it is just more thread and a looper. It can be overwhelming and complicated first, but after a couple of times you use 14T968DC Singer serger, you will become a fan of it because this machine sews like a dream.

Why 14T968DC is the best Professional Singer Serger?

  • Self-Adjusting Thread Tention with respect to selected Stitch type
  • 2-3-4-5 Thread Capability
  • Fast: 1,300 stitches per minute while trimming and overcasting
  • Only 5 Thread Singer serger sewing machine available in the market
  • Color-Coded Lat-in Threading system allows creative freedom
  • Decorative flatlock and easy rolled hems Make it ideal for home decor projects
  • The heavy-duty metal frame protects the sewing machine for Decades
  • Double Chain Stitch: Ideal Decorative Finish
  • Attachable Clean Pocket for Trimmed Fabric
  • Adjustable Cutting Width and Stitch Lenght Control

Singer 14T968DC is one of the best professional serger sewing machines available in the market. With 400+ high praising customer reviews, the 14T968DC is a must-buy for any professional designer or sewing enthusiast.

3) Singer Finishing Touch 14SH654 Serger

Singer Finishing Touch 14SH654 Serger

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Decorating your cloth while sewing it right is a tough job when you are trying to achieve it with single-needle sewing machines. However, If you use Singer 14SH654 serger then you can actually give beautiful decorative finishing to your project.

Singer 14SH654 is popularly known as Finishing Touch serger machine because of its two-needle capability. Combined with a differential feed system that allows the gathering of fabric for ruffles to make creatives finish.

This Singer serger also allows sewing knits without stretching them which comes handy when you are sewing stretchable waist, inserting rubber, or just making decorative bundles.

Finishing Touch 14SH654 can be truly the best decorating sewing machine in the hands of any expert sewing enthusiast. All thanks to its ability to sew six stitches with 3 or 4 threads.

The 14SH654 comes with various stitch types for perfect stitching combined with Blind Hems, Flatlocking, Rolled Hems, Joining Seams, and Finishing Raw Edges.

One can simply use it for regular stitching, decorative sewing, trimming, and overcasting. You are going to love this Singer machine because of its easy to use features, speed, reliability, and overall convenience.

Amazing differential Feed system which is fully adjustable that provide even feed for perfect seams on any type of fabric without causing breaking or puckering of fabric near the feed dog.

Finishing Touch Made Sewing Easy

  • Four-Thread Mock-Stretch Stitch: Excellent when sewing a knit fabric for stretchable clothes to avoid breaking of threads.
  • Three-Thread Overlock Stitch: Prevent loosely woven fabrics from unraveling and produces beautiful professional seam finish.
  • Rolled Hem Stitch (4 Built-in): If you working on decorative curtains, table covers, scarves, table linens, or decorative bedsheets then create beautiful 3-thread rolled hems to make it look elegant.

Why Singer Finishing Touch 14SH654 serger machine is worth buying?

  • Color-Coded Lay-in threading system for hassle-free threading
  • Easy Threading Diagram for Beginners
  • Saves Time: Sews up to 1,300 stitches per minute
  • Best Adjustable Tensions system in an affordable sewing machine
  • Free-Arm Sewing for stitching round clothes, hard-to-reach places, edges, or for perfect seaming.
  • Skip-free sewing and overall durability due to Heavy-Duty Metal Frame
  • Moveable Upper Knife for on-demand fabric trimming
  • Easy-To-Use Stitch Lenght Dial for Personalized Length of the Stitch
  • Extra-High Presser Foot Lifter for Better Control
  • Differential Feed to Adjust Fabric Feed for Smooth Seams

The Singer 14SH654 Finishing Touch serger is one of the best sewing machine for completing your project in style. Highly recommend sewing machine for perfectly trimmed edges and because of its affordable price.

4) Singer Stylist 14SH764 4/3/2 Thread Serger

Singer Stylist 14SH764 3-4 Thread Serger

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This SINGER 14SH764CL Stylist Serger is a variation of the ProFinish model which is most suitable for household uses.

The major difference between 14SH764 and 14CG754 is their threading capability. This stylist serger comes with 3-4 thread capability instead of 2-3-4 threading capability.

Weight is also another important factor here. If you are looking to buy a lightweight serger machine then pick 14S764 as it only weighs 13.6 lbs while 14CG754 weight 17 lbs.

Free Accessories: all-purpose foot, needle set, tweezers, small screwdriver, foot control, power cord, instruction manual with included stitch guide

Features that make singer Stylist 14SH764 worth buying?

  • Color-Coded Lay-in Threading for easy threading
  • 3-4 thread capability offers high-quality seaming
  • Free Arm sewing to reach corners, sewing circles, and other hard to reach places
  • Lightweight and portable sewing machine
  • Sew faster at 1300 stitches per minute
  • Adjustable stitch width and length
  • Perfect hems with 4 built-in hem roll setting
  • 24 Year Limited Warranty

Singer Stylist 14SH764CL is an easy to use serger sewing machine. Hence if you are not planning to work on heavy fabrics then this machine is nearly perfect to any sewer.

5) SINGER Stylist II Serger Overlock Machine ( 14J250)

SINGER Stylist II Serger Overlock Machine 14J250

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This Overlock sewing machine is the biggest update to their older Stylist Model with increased 2-3-4 threading capability providing a wide range of stitch options.

The all-new SINGER Stylist II 14J250 is the perfect addition to your sewing tools. The parts of this machine are easily available and can be bought from online stores.

If you are working on customizable projects then the Stylist II 14J250 Overlock machine is the perfect choice because of its 2-3-4 threads, differential feed ability, and easy to understand color-coded threading system.

Thanks to the adjustable stitch length or width and differential feed, 14J250 eliminates stretching and puckering on all fabric types. Even if you are working on heavy fabrics, this overlock sewing machine is going to give you a perfect seam finish every time.

Highlight: This Stylist II 14J250 has a wide-open threading system that completely reveals the loopers. As a result, even a beginner sewist will be able to thread this Singer serger quickly.

Free Accessories:

  • Stitch Fingers,
  • Two Thread Converter
  • All-Purpose Foot
  • Screwdrivers
  • Brush and Tweezers
  • Oiler and Extra Cutter,
  • Wrench and Cutting Width Guage
  • Needles, Needle Threader, and 4 Thread Nets
  • 4 Spool Discs, 4 Spool Holders, and 4 Spool Caps
  • 4 Thread Spools, Foot Control, and Power Cord
  • Soft Side Dust Cover and Instruction Manual

Why Singer Stylist II 14J250 is best for decorative work?

  • 2-3-4 Thread Ability
  • Top-of-the-line sewing speed: 1,300 stitches per minute
  • Wide Open and Color-Coded Threading system
  • Suitable for all types of fabrics
  • Adjustable Overedge Cutting Width
  • Easy to use needle threader eliminates cumbersome needle threading, hence save time
  • Included instruction manual with included stitch chart
  • 25 Years Limited Warranty

The Singer 14J250 Stylist II is a well-balanced serger machine that works equally great in a beginner or a professional hands. If you want the perfect finish without gathering or poping threads, then Stylist II will be the best choice.

6) Singer 14HD854 Heavy Duty 4 Thread Serger With Differential Feed

Singer Heavy Duty 14HD854 4 Thread Serger With Differential Feed

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As the name suggests, the high-performance 14HD854 is another best heavy-duty singer serger machine. If you are someone who works on an Industrial scale or someone who works on multiple projects at the same time then this heavy-duty sewing machine is what you need.

The ability to feed fabric at a differential speed makes you sew better and can improve your production speed. It does not matter if you sewing denim, skirts, shirts, buttonholes, or quilting, this 14HD854 can handle it all.

Innovative color-coded threading guide will help you thread this serger quickly and you will be ready to go in just a couple of minutes.

Improved differential feed feature ensures that stretching and folding of fabric won’t be a problem anymore. Combined with a multi-speed drive you will be able to sew at a constant speed to produce a pro finish.

This Singer serger comes with a built-in LED light to provide you enough light that you can stitch to the point and even in dark rooms.

Fast sewing speed of 1300 stitches-per-minute combined with its Free-Arm you will able to sew hard to reach places. Free-Arm also comes handy when you are stitching circular clothes sections such as cuffs or sleeves, or just seaming and hemming your denim.

Free Accessories with 14HD854

  • Tweezers
  • Needles
  • Clean Pocket
  • Screwdriver
  • Lint Brush
  • Aux Spool Pin
  • Spare Knife
  • General Purpose Foot
  • Dust Cover

Why Singer 14HD854 is worth buying?

  • 2-3-4 thread capability provides a wide range of stitch options
  • Color-Coded Threading for Quick and Easy Set up
  • Movable Upper Knife
  • Two-needle sewing ability
  • Automatic tension control
  • Lightweight and carry handle makes it portable
  • Horizontal Thread Delivery for even stitches
  • Professional speed for faster results
  • Adjustable Stitch Lenght and Width
  • 4 Built-in rolled hems provide more hemming features
  • Heavy-duty metal frame offer rigidness and longevity
  • Powerful engine guarantees excellent performance and ultra-clean cuts

If you are looking for a heavy-duty singer serger sewing machine then 14HD854 is just the right choice. Capable of handling heavy work and easily sew through thick and heavy fabrics.

7) Singer Serger QuantumLock 14T967DC Overlock

Singer Serger QuantumLock 14T967DC Overlock

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The QuantumLock 14T967DC Overlock is another best 5 thread Singer serger sewing machine.

Thanks to the fully automatic self-adjusting tension system in Quantumlock 14T967DC, you can set the dial to any type of stitch option and it will sew a perfectly balanced stitch with different threads on various fabrics.

It is a top-of-the-line 5 thread serger machine that is very liked by professionals and fashion designers. Thanks to the 5 thread option and super fast stitching speed it saves a lot of time.

When you are consumed with lots of work, then having a 5 thread machine is really something that will make your project shine in comparison to other professionals.

It is a must buy to finish your job quickly while trimming and overcasting the raw edges at the same time for quality seam finishes.

Stitch Options: Five-Thread Stitch, Four-Thread Ultra-stretch Stitch, Three-Thread Overlock Stitch, Triple-Cover Stitch, Double-Cover Stitch, Chainstitch, Rolled Hem, and Flatlock Stitch

Free snap-on feet:

  • Blind hem foot
  • Pearl/sequin foot
  • Elastic foot
  • Shirring foot
  • Piping/cording foot
  • Taping foot

Why 14t967DC is worth Buying?

  • 5-4-3-2 Stitch Configuration
  • Cover Hem and Lower Looper Automatic Threader
  • Fully Adjustable Differential Feed
  • 5 Thread serging capability
  • Built-in Stitch Lenght Dial
  • Fast Sewing: 1,300 Stitches-Per-Minute
  • Attachable Clean Pocket: Keeps the sewing area clean
  • Extra-High Presser Foot Lifter
  • A moveable upper knife cuts fabric for 5-7mm stitch width

Singer 14T967DC Quantomlock is an excellent heavy-duty serger machine that can overlock sew at 1300 stitches-per-minute.

8) Singer Tiny Serger TS380 Plus – Overedging Machine

Singer Tiny Serger TS380 Plus

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This Tiny Singer Serger sewing machine became very popular among the community because of its small size and smooth operation.

It’s the ability to work on the edges of fabric is something that I personally like about this tiny machine. It helps you give perfect finish to the project and prevent fraying of clothes.

If you love to create decorative designs on your garment at home then this tiny sewing machine is something you must have.

Singer TS380 Tiny Serger occupies a very small space on your sewing table leaving ample space to manage your fabrics and all the pattern design printouts.

Though it small and tiny in size, the Singer TS380 creates durable seams on the fabric that will hold up to many washes.

TS380 is often compared with the Overlock model, but don’t be confused, Overlock is any day a superior sewing machine than Tiny Ts380. However, you must understand that both of them serve different purposes.

Upsides of Buying Singer Tiny Serger TS380

  • Good to place an overlock stitch over an already trimmed fabric or hem edge
  • Best machine for beginners or teenagers
  • Excellent for home-based small sewing jobs
  • Mini-Portable Sewing Machine
  • Suitable for Overedging Serger
  • Operated on electricity not batteries


  • The tiny serger doesn’t have a cutting blade
  • Not suitable for large projects
  • Avoid it if you are a professional looking for heavy-duty machine
  • You have to trim the seam before serging.
  • Hard to find this tiny serger parts

The TS380 is one the best tiny serger sewing machine that is perfect to hem curtains, denim, skirts, or seam any fabric. And if you are learning to use sewing machines, then this unit is the best choice.

9) Singer 14ET754 Perfect Finish Serger

Singer 14ET754 Perfect Finish Serger

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Singer 14ET754 Perfect Finish Serger is nothing but the 14CG754. Yes, the Brand has the tendency to sell the same product under different model names to get an understanding of the market.

So if you saw someone using the 14ET754 Perfect Finish serger then just take a closer look, and you will get the idea that it 14CG754 model. There is no change in functionality, stitch options, or even in design. Both of them just come in different feel and color. One is in Blue/White and another one is sold Grey/White color.

10) Singer Serger 14U64A – Ultralock Sewing Machine

SINGER 14u Serger Ultralock Sewing Machine 14U64A

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The 14U64A is a 4 spool classic Singer Serger which was quite popular in back in the days. Every sewer knows that sometimes it is nice to stick with old-fashioned household serger machines.

Singer 14U64A Ultralock serger is something which is useful for small jobs. You should avoid using it for commercial projects. It is an electric machine that fits perfectly in the hand of small household tailoring business or its even great for beginners who just learned how to thread the machine.

The classic 14U64A Ultralock Singer machine is best suitable for Denim, Quilting, Vinyl, Leather, Embroidery, and Wool. Though it seems to cover all types of fabric, I personally suggest not to use it when working on layered projects.


  • Old design
  • Hard to find the sewing machine parts
  • Limited Company support

What Features makes 14U64A worth Buying?

  • Suitable for different types of Fabrics
  • Free-Arm to sew hard to reach places
  • Work excellent for home quilting
  • Long-Arm Sewing Machine
  • Best for medium Blind Stitching
  • Compact design and portable machine

Old Singer Sergers

The brand got its recognition in the serging world because of its two famous classic machines:

  • Singer Merrittlock 14u44
  • Singer Serger 2054

Both these machines were able to sew best hems and work efficiently on denim. Remember those days when denim was the only fabric every one was buying.

Both Singer Merrittlock 14u44 and Singer 2054 sergers are now not sold in the market. The company evolved and came up with some really good sewing machines such as Singer 14CG754 ProFinish, SINGER 14T968DC Professional 5, Singer Finishing Touch 14SH654 that made Merrittlock 14u44 and 2054 overlock respectively retire.

Stitch Options & Features

5-4-3-2 Stitch Configuration: Regardless of your project 14 different stitch types will give you the professional finish that you always wanted.

Chainstitch: Very common topstitch used in decorative clothes and widely popular for straight seams.

Double-Cover Stitch: Using automatic tension system dial set the machine for a professional double-cover hem stitch which you will also find in ready-to-wear garments. It is often used to hint a decorative style while making the clothes.

Triple-Cover Stitch: For a truly professional look you have to use its 5.6 mm beautiful triple topstitch for exquisite seams and pro finish.

Three-Thread Overlock Stitch: Use this stitch to create a beautiful seam finish in woven fabrics. It is widely used to prevent the unraveling of loosely woven fabrics.

Four-Thread Ultra-stretch Stitch: Make use of this stitch when sewing a knit fabric because the stitch stretches as the fabric stretches.

Five-Thread Stitch: It is a strong safety stitch which removes the need to re-seam a conventional sewing machine straight stitch. It makes strong durable seams for heavy-weight fabrics such as terrycloth or denim.

Rolled Hem Stitch: By simply moving the stitch finger knob, any Singer serger is converted to the rolled hem sewing mode. You can choose between two or three thread rolled hems.

Flatlock Stitch: With this stitch option you can easily choose special decorative threads to add extra texture and a dramatic embellishment effect to any of your projects.

How to Thread a Singer Serger – Video Tutorial

Here are two threading tutorial videos of Singer 14CG754 ProFinish that will help you thread all the machines.

Threading 4 Thread Serger Overlock Stitch

Threading 2 Thread Serger Rolled Hem

Threading 3 Thread Serger Overlock Wide

Threading 3 Thread Serger Overlock Narrow

For any assistance, you can contact the Singer Machine Support Center to resolve your problem. You can also call at their Customer Service Number 1-800-474-6437. Read their Warranty Terms to make the best use of it while troubleshooting problems.

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Wrapping Up

For the width and density of the stitching, we buy sergers for our sewing projects. There are so many brands out there but only a couple of them are good at this game.

Like other top brands such as Brother, BabyLock, Juki, Janome, and Bernina, Singer sergers can also trim the seam and encloses the seam area for a perfect finish.

You can buy Singer serger machines with confidence knowing that no matter what type of fabric you use, they are going to give your project a professional finish each and every time.

The 14CG754 ProFinish, 14T968DC Professional 5, Finishing Touch 14SH654, and Stylist 14SH764 are some of the best Singer serger sewing machines that you can buy.


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