Brother 1634D Serger Review (Price, Comparison & Buying Guide)

Brother 1634D Serger
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Brother 1634D Serger

Brother 1634D serger is an excellent machine for frequent users. If you are a professional designer or someone who frequently alter their clothing then this serger is the must-have machine.

It can come handy in creating rolled hems and stitching blind hems. Apart from that, you can insert zippers in denim or woolen fabric and more.

Thanks to its easy to use features which requires no serging experience, 1634D is one of the best sergers for beginners. But it does not mean that it is lesser for a pro or an expert.

Brother 1634D 3 or 4 Thread Serger Review

If you are looking for an efficient and fast serger then 1634D is one of the top choices by professionals.

Threading the Serger

Threading brother 1634D is relatively easy when compared to other brands such as Singer or Juki because of its lay-in threading system and color-coded guide.

 3 or 4 Thread Capability

With the multiple thread and needle option, any beginner or professionals can work on any type of fabric. It allows 1-needle, 3-thread, and 2-needle, 4-thread overlock stitches.

Such thread capability expresses the efficiency of this sewing serger machine’s advanced features. You will able to work on denim, cotton, linen, and mostly all fabrics.

Thread Tension Control

Whether your hem, seam, roll, or design a pattern on your pillow cover you are going to need the perfect thread tension.

The brother 1634D allows a user to control the tension of the thread separately for both the needles. Such flexibility gives the tailor a seamless sewing experience.

Thread tension control can help you adjust the strength in each tautness of each stitch. The control of stitch firmness will decide if your sewing is going to fray or not.


These are the brother 1634D accessories which you will get along with the serger when you order it online.

  • Standard Serger Foot
  • Blind Stitch Foot
  • Needle Set
  • Gathering Foot
  • Soft Cover
  • User Manual

Adjustable Differential Feed

Any automatic sewing machine has a feed dog which is automatically controlled to push the fabric through the clutch and under the needles. Automatic differential feed is that feature that controls the feed dog.

For flat stitches, you can adjust the feeding speed through a control dial. It also makes sure that thread tensions do not change or break during the process.

When you master the ability to adjust differential feed perfectly, then you will be able to sew beautiful lettuce edges, sheer fabrics, or create evenly gathers to give the perfect finish to your sewing project.

Maximum Sewing Speed

Stitching speed is one of the major factors which decided how fast you can complete your work. Like 1034D or 1034DX, brother 1634D has 1,300 stitches per minute of sewing speed.

Combine this speed with differential control and adjustable length control you can finish your work/project in 1-2 days.

Retractable Cutting Knife

Do you work on the rough fabric where the edges are never smooth or perfectly straight? Then don’t worry, 1634D has a retractable cutting knife that trims the edges of the fabric while it is being fed to the needle.

Such final stage edge trimming gives the entire work a professional finish. If you don’t like working on the edges after that then with the help of a dial you can pull the knife inside to avoid any trimming.

Price and Affordability

Brother 1634D is one of the most affordable sergers in the market. It works efficiently and can be compared to most selling serger as of 1034D. However, it cost pretty much half when compared to other powerful sewing machines.

Warranty and Support

Brother is one of the most trusted sewing machine brands in the industry. When you buy Brother 1634D serger you are backed by a 25-Years of the limited warranty and free phone support.

Sewing Jobs That You Can Do With Brother 1634D Serger

Every sewing machine has a special touch of its own. Most of them can do every-type of sewing job however, sergers are one of the core industry machines. They look complex but even a beginner can make some really creative stuff and sewing pattern with it.

  • Create Ruffles
  • Blind Hems
  • Rolled Hems
  • Insert zippers
  • One line stitch
  • Double Thread – Double Needle Stitches
  • Merrow Stitch (Professional Sewing)

Brother 1634D vs 1034D – Comparison

Machine TypeSergerSerger
Stitch Threads3/4 Threads3/4 Threads
Color Coded ThreadingYesYes
Stitching Speed13001300
Work LightLEDRegular Bulb
KnifeYes, Retractable KnifeYes, Retractable Knife
Included FeetStandard foot, blind stitch foot, gathering footStandard foot, blind stitch foot, gathering foot
CoverDust CoverDust Cover
Storage YesYes
Free ArmYesYes
Trim trapNoNo
Buil-in Rolled HemYesYes
Machine DesignGoodGood
Company Warranty25 Years25 Years

How to thread a Brother 1634D?

This machine is not popular among beginners and because of that, there is less information regarding its functionality such as threading. If you are buying a 1634D serger machine for the first time then here is a video tutorial to help learn how to thread this machine. 


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Brother 1634D serger is designed for inserting zippers and adding ruffles on any material/fabric type. However, from our on-hand experience, this serger works smoothly on woven materials too. It is an inexpensive serger that you can buy for less than $200 and still finish your project with a professional touch.

Brother 1634D Serger
  • Brand New in box. The product ships with all relevant accessories


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