How to Sew a ZigZag Stitch – A Beginner’s Look

How to sew zigzag stitch
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There are varieties of stitches that prevail in the fashion industry to make sure the garment is strongly made and attain the most desirable look, seam, and fashion. Stitches are important characters in the movie of fashion. You might need to have a good knowledge of seams and stitches to make sure you stay on the same page as the world is. Various stitches are assigned various jobs. Some are for decoration while some are for binding. Some are straight lines while some are curves.

The dictionary of stitches is so fascinating! Of all of them, the Zig-zag stitch is the most common and widely used. One of the most strong and stylish stitches that have good control over the fabric and can handle all most all the fabric without much stress to the fabric of the design. You may wanna know how amazing and multi-purpose this stitch is so without any further delay let us jump down to have a look at how wonderful the stitch is.

How to sew zigzag stitch

What is a Zig-Zag Stitch?

Zigzag is a pattern created by straight lines put together in V-shape. The shape is quite interesting and looks like so ‘ VVVVVVV’. This a pattern that is a real hero in stitching and decorating any fabric or garment.

This stitch is strong and particularly binding in nature. The zigzag patterns hold onto both sides of the fabric with all the support and do not disappoint you. You can trust the stitch without worrying about any problems. You will get the most amazing and worth stitch and design that will suit your garment and make it look perfect.

How are ZigZag Stitches Made?

Zigzag stitches are simple and strong. There are 2 ways that you can create a zigzag on your fabric.

By Machine

The machine is great at their work and thus, they can create some amazing zigzag stitches as per your requirement. There are dials on the machine which can manipulate different stitches and so you can go on the dial and rotate it to the zigzag pattern, set the width and height of the zigzag as per your need, and looks and voila! You got what you want. Stitch through the fabric without any worries.

By Hand

The machine has to be set to give out the zigzag stitches but your hands are your own slave. You can make zigzag stitches with your hand with full freedom to create splendidly amazing patterns and designs. By the use of needles and thread, you can make these patterns on the fabric.

Zigzag stitch by machine

Where are ZigZag Stitches Used?

The zigzag stitches are multiple-use stitches that can be used as per your creativity and imagination. You can use it to stitches the fabric or you can use it to decorate the fabric or you can also create different patterns to enhance the look of the garment. There are numerous uses of the zigzag stitches. Let us get going and discuss some uses in detail.

Sewing Fabrics

As stated earlier, zigzag seams are strong and hold the fabric together tightly. You can use this stitch to sew your garments. Not only that it will give you a stronghold but will also give you a cute-looking zigzag pattern from the outside which will be a great deal of creative clothing. Most of the stretchy fabric or knit fabric uses zigzag to bind the garment. It not as difficult because you do not have to do anything extra, just set the dial and sew as you do.


This is quite a big deal as the finishing of any garment states how the final result will look like. And you do not have to worry about the finishing as the zigzag stitch got you covered. Just again just set the dial and sew as you do to the ends of eh fabric.


Zigzag plays a great role in repairing or putting together the torn and worn fabric. There are times when your clothing might rip off due to any reason, does that mean you will just throw them off? Zigzag for the save! With its super god binding quality, the zigzag will go from one torn side to another torn side to hold them tightly and make sure that you get a newly designed garment.


You might have seen how firmly the stitches are made around the buttonhole so that the fabric doesn’t fray. That is a zigzag sticth. The buttonhole is firmly stitched and secured using the zigzag stitch so that the holes say in place and do not go on ripping the fabric and also keeps it from fraying and getting torn. Brilliant!

Appliques and Patches

We all know how fine and fabulous does an applique work looks. Be it our denim or jackets, patches and appliques have played a major role in fashion since olden times, and do you know who is responsible to make that possible? Yeah! It’s a zigzag stitch.


This might a very strong and tight stitch to bind the fabric together but it can also act as a very creative and designer stitch that will enhance the look of any fabric or garment that you are creating. Making different pictures or creating different lines, whatever suits your mind, zigzag is there to make it happen.


What is more beautiful than embroidery? The all-rounder zigzag stitch has made it to here as well. With its beautiful pattern, you can fill an entire picture to make a fully embroidered cloth or fabric. Lay back and enjoy the multiple uses of the zigzag machine.

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With so many goods and greats, the zigzag stitches have stood out to be a very fine and particular stitch among all. you might wanna use it and be amazed to look at how gracefully that turns out. We have tried our best to deliver an apt explanation to you with a well-researched and studied subject. Hope this was helpful. Have a great day.


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