Necchi FA16 Sewing Machine Review (Price, Accessories & Guide)

Nechhi FA16 Sewing Machine Reviews
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Nechhi FA16 Sewing Machine Reviews

Italian clothes have always fascinated humankind because of their decency and it makes high fashion statements. This all-new Nechhi FA16 is one of the best Italian sewing machine available in the market.

If you are bored of using a computerized machine then it is a good idea to give this mechanical sewing machine a try.

Nechhi FA16 is one of the finest mechanical sewing machine. Thanks to its easy-to-use features you will able to sew perfect stitches, hems, and coverstitches.

For beginners, this mechanical machine can increase their learning curve. It will help improve your grasp over the machine and mold you into the best sewer in the fashion industry.

Quick Features Lookout of Nechhi FA16

Before you start reading the review, here is a quick features list that you are going to get when you buy this Nechhi FA16 machine.

  • 16 built-in stitches
  • 1 four-step buttonhole
  • Top loading full rotary hook bobbin
  • Auto de-clutch bobbin winder
  • Free Arm
  • Drop Feed
  • LED light
  • Thread tension control dial
  • Easy stitch selection dials
  • Easy reverse level

Nechhi FA16 Sewing Machine Review

Nechhi FA16 Sewing Machine

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If you are looking for an excellent quilter machine then pick Nechhi FA16 for your upcoming projects.

Stitch Options

Nechhi FA16 sewing machine features 16 built-in stitch options to make your job easy. You can use them on your project according to the need to give it a professional finish.

It also features 1 four-step buttonhole stitch option to help you sew buttons in denim, shirts, and other complex projects

Thread Tension Control

Are you someone who loves perfect stitch strength or want the flexibility while sewing elastic garments, then having a perfect thread tension control is what you need.

Nechhi FA16 comes with easy to use dial operated thread tension control system. So no matter if you are sewing a T-shirt, denim, leather, wool, or spandex, you can adjust the thread tension according to your requirement by just twisting a dial.

Lightweight & Portable

Nechhi FA16 is a lightweight sewing machine that is perfect for people who likes to sew-on-the-go or it is an excellent choice for travel sewer. As it only weighs 11 pounds, you can keep it or store it anywhere in your car, RV, Home racks, or can find a small place in your workshop.

Thanks to the built-in Carry-Handle, you can easily carry this sewing machine from your classes to home or take it where ever you travel for work. Such convenience to carry it around makes it an excellent portable mechanical sewing machine.

Needle Plate Area

Nechhi FA16 comes with an excellent needle plate area which is marked with all the sizes and units that will help you in hemming and to construct perfect seams according to the size required by your project.

Combined with a built-in needle threader it gives a sweet sewing experience once you get used to it. Nechhi has made sure that you enjoy your mechanical machine to the fullest and your attention should be focused on making the best clothes.

Built-In Needle Threader

It allows you to thread needles without touching them yourself. It is an easy to use function where you have to put one thread end to the assigned area and the machine will automatically thread the needle.

Such a feature helps beginners and save time for professional sewist. It also improves the thread tension control system and gives you a perfect stitch finish every time you use Nechhi FA16.

Adjustable Differential Feed

Every good sewing machine has a feed dog that is used to push the fabric under the needle. In computerized machines that happen automatically, however, in mechanical sewing machines like Nechhi FA16, you will get simple to use turn-dial to control the speed of feed dog.

FA16 is an excellent unit that can help you learn to adjust the differential feed according to the stitch options you pick for the fabric.

You should be able to master the combination of thread tension and differential feed adjustment to construct the best stitches. It will help you make strong clothes that can handle daily wear-tear of the cloth.

Free Arm and Drop Feed

Nechhi FA16 is a mechanical free-arm sewing machine that allows you to extend the control area and gives you the flexibility to manipulate and move fabric more easily under the needle.

Thanks to the Free-Arm features a sewer can use for quilting and to construct rolled hems on denim, t-shirt, and around the hard-to-reach area such as the corner of the fabric.

Drop feed is one of the most common types of feeding mechanism in an easy-to-use sewing machine that use feed dogs to move fabric forward under the needle.

Accessories & Manual

Here are some of the major free sewing machine accessories you are going to get when you buy Nechhi FA16.

  • Needle Set
  • Zipper Foot E
  • Blind Hemming Foot G
  • Sliding buttonhole foot J
  • Q Bobbins
  • Large Spool Holder
  • Small Spool Holder
  • Screwdriver
  • Seam ripper (buttonhole opener)

With every purchase of FA16 you will get a user’s Instruction manual that helps you understand all the basic features and important components of your sewing machine.


It comes with top loading full rotary hook bobbin that allows it to rotate in full circles. It will help you make multiple stitches. Necchi FA16 is a rotary hook machine, when the needle goes back up through the fabric then the shuttle hook catches the thread.

While professional sewist will have fun with this feature and beginners are going to learn so much about threading and how the complete oscillating process works in a sewing machine.

Price and Affordability

Nechhi FA16 is one of the most affordable mechanical sewing machines that you can buy in the market. Being an Italian brand, you can expect to get the best in class machines.

When compared to other mechanical machines, Nechhi FA16 is fairly cheaper and will last longer due to solid steel frame construction.

Warranty and Support

Necchi is one of the best valued and trusted sewing machine brand in Italy and has a global reach. You can be assured that every problem will be trouble-shooted when you buy Nechhi FA16 or any other machine from this company.

You will get a 25-year limited company warranty and lifetime phone support from Nechhi.

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Nechhi FA16 is a fine Italian Made sewing machine that promises high efficiency and perfect finish. It is an excellent mechanical sewing machine that constructs strong stitches to make strong and cool clothes.

Being an affordable sewing machine and weighing only 11 pounds, FA16 is an excellent machine for beginners and travel sewer. If you are a fashion designer who fixes clothes on-the-go, then Nechhi FA16 is a good choice for you.

Nechhi FA16 Machine
3 Reviews
Nechhi FA16 Machine
  • 16 Built-in Stitches, including 1 Buttonhole
  • Top Loading Full Rotary Hook Bobbin
  • Only 11 pounds


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