Singer 14CG754 Vs Singer 14SH654 (Comparison, Price, & More)

Difference Between - Singer 14CG754 vs Singer 14SH654
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Difference Between - Singer 14CG754 vs Singer 14SH654

Singer 14CG754 and 14SH654 are one of the most reliable entry-level serger machines. Where one unit is a successor of the other one offered at a cheaper price.

You are going to find the major serging features such as differential feed ration, color-coded threading, sewing speed of 1,300 stitches per minute, adjustable thread tension, and moveable upper knife system in both these Singer machines.

Singer 14CG754 is a more advanced unit when compared to Singer 14SH654 in terms of threading and overall serging capability.

Let me tell you right now that Singer 14CG754 is cheaper than 14SH654 and is offered at a comparably lower price.

However, they both have shared most of their features, you can choose between Singer 14SH654 vs Singer 14CG754 according to your sewing style and needs.

Singer 14CG754 Vs Singer 14SH654 – Main Differences

The following major differences will help you decide which one is the best Singer serger compared to another.

  Singer 14CG754 Singer 14SH654
  Singer 14CG754 Serger 2-3-4 Thread Capability Overlock with Blind, Rolled Hems and Flatlocking Singer Finishing Touch 14SH654 Serger
Threads 2-3-4 Threads 3-4 Threads
Thick Fabric Excellent Serging Average Serging
Work Light LED Light None
Weight 13.5 Lbs 17.15 Lbs
Accessories More Free Accessories Basic Accessories
Price $194.43 $267.00
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Thread Capability

The major difference between 14CG754 and 14SH654 is their thread capabilities. As Singer 14CG754 is considered a superior model it is a2-3-4 thread serger that gives you more stitch options.

While Singer 14SH654 is the predecessor it features 3-4 thread capabilities. Hence if you are looking to finish with 2-thread stitches it is not the ideal choice.

Hence adding the 2-thread capabilities significantly gives more creative space to a sewist to work on more types of serging projects.

Sewing on Thick Fabric

Most people who have not used both the products themselves will not notice this difference. Some sewer might argue that it is not much of a difference between Singer 14CG754 and Singer 14SH654 sergers. However, I differ because if you are going to work on thick fabric then the successor model is slightly better than the predecessor.

Work Light

With Singer 14CG754 you get another serging advantage with the LED work light which is lacking in 14SH654. Having a bright light focused on the dog feed and working table can immensely improve the finish quality.

Machine Weight – Portability

The portability of a serging machine is very important for travel sewer or professionals who have to move from one place to another due to their project requirements. The all-new Singer 14CG754 is a lightweight serger machine weighing only 13.5 pounds while its predecessor 14SH654 weighs around 17.15 pounds.


It is always a good idea to as many sewing accessories with you when you sit to work on any project. With Singer 14CG754, you will get additional free accessories such as All-Purpose Foot, Machine Intro DVD, Instruction Manual with Stitch Guide Inside, Foot Control, Power Cord for no extra cost.

Apart from these major differences between these two amazing singer sergers, the only cosmetic difference is the ambiance color. In the new model, you will get a gray looking external body while the older model through the shades of white.

Comparing Commonality Between 14CG754 and 14SH654

When we compare these two machines at their core level, I find them relatively similar in most of the basic functions that a serger has to offer.

For example, they both have the same sewing speed of 1,300 stitches per minute, features differential feed ratio, color-coded threading system, built-in rolled hems, moveable upper knife, and supported by a 25-year limited warranty(1).

Free-arm sewing is another major common feature that they both share. In nutshell, one can say that both the machines are similar to the core level, however, they differ at threading capabilities and weight.

Features Comparison Table

Here is a simple side-by-side features comparison between Singer 14CG754 and 14SH654 to help you get a clear idea.

FeaturesSinger 14CG754Singer 14SH654
Machine TypeSergerSerger
Stitch Threads2/3/4 thread 3/4 thread
Stitch Length2.0 - 4.0 mm1.0 - 4.0 mm
Stitch Width3.0 - 6.7 mm3.0 - 7.0 mm
Color Coded ThreadingYesYes
Differential FeedYesYes
Stitching Speed1,300 Stitches/min1,300 Stitches/min
Work LightLED Light-
Stitch Selection-Dial
KnifeDisengageable KnifeDisengageable Knife
Presser Foot Lifter YesNo
Free ArmYesYes
Built-in Rolled HemYes, 4Yes, 4
Machine DesignSuperior Good
Machine Weight1317.15 Lbs
Company Warranty25 year warranty
25 year warranty
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Before you make your mind about buying any one of these sewing machines. Try to make your decision based on your regular sewing needs and ease of operation depending upon the type of work you are going to perform with them.

When you compare Singer 14CG754 vs Singer 14SH654, you will see that most of the major features are the same apart from the thread capabilities and weight.

In case you want to update your old machine then try Singer 14CG754 because it is cheaper and has better handling options. It is also an ideal serger machine for beginners.

  Singer 14CG754 Singer 14SH654
  Singer 14CG754 Serger 2-3-4 Thread Capability Overlock with Blind, Rolled Hems and Flatlocking Singer Finishing Touch 14SH654 Serger
Threads 2-3-4 Threads 3-4 Threads
Weight 13.5 Lbs 17.15 Lbs
Price $194.43 $267.00
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